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Shop Front Painting: Breathing New Life

In recent years, spraying has become one of the most popular methods for shop front painting. Due to the stunning coatings which are achieved by this process it is perhaps unsurprising, especially when the durability and longevity of sprayed coatings are considered. Spraying presents a means of performing a complete recoating which is inexpensive in terms of both time and money.

What surfaces can be recoated with shop front painting?

There are a number of surface types which are ideally suited to being sprayed, this includes shop fronts which have been previously powder coated. However, if there is any damage or corrosion to the surface then treatment should be conducted prior to spraying to ensure the best results. Spraying enables for a powder coating effect to be achieved, however if the surface has been previously hand painted certain preparation steps may be required. This is due to the fact that this hand painted coating may show brush marks, in order to produce the best results, the existing finish will require to be both sanded and stripped back prior to the commencement of spraying.

Aluminium shop fronts can be effectively sprayed, once this is achieved truly stunning aesthetics can be accomplished. Prior to the commencement of spraying, however, the aluminium needs to be etched, this is to ensure the paint adheres to the substrate. If the surface is not etched prior to spraying, then the newly applied coating will begin to peel within weeks of application.

What techniques are used for shop front painting?

Our team of dedicated shop front sprayers, are familiar with a wide range of spray paint application systems, including airless spraying and electrostatic spraying. We utilise a number of different paint types, which system and paint type are used on a particular job are largely determined by the situations specific requirements. We find this approach produces the best results both in terms of the quality of the finish produced, but also its longevity.

We offer a wide range paint options, including the colours, tones and hues contained within both the RAL and BS colour systems. If however you are unsure of the colour you require but have a sample then do not worry! Our mobile colour laboratory enables us to produce an exact match of your sample, which can then be mixed into the required quantity in order to complete the job.

Can shop front painting be done in shopping centres?

Yes, we have much experience performing shop front spraying projects in shopping centres throughout the UK. When working in these environments, we liaise closely with both the shopping centre management and the client, this process ensures that everything is in place before we begin spraying.

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