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Cleanroom Spraying: Why Should You Respray Rather than Refurbish

Over time, due to daily use, damage can occur in cleanrooms. Gradually the impact of the progressive wear and tear becomes apparent, whether it is a scuff on a wall or a dent in a partitioning panel. If left unchecked this damage can compromise the integrity of the cleanroom environment.

When it comes to performing reparations within a cleanroom, two main options are available, either to refurbish or to respray. We feel that respraying is a more viable option for a number of reasons. Primarily of these is the cost factor, often refurbishment projects are substantially more financially costly than respraying projects. This can largely be attributed to the amount of time and logistics which go into the two projects.

To demonstrate, in order to conduct a complete refurbishment project often either requires the cleanroom to go down for the period of the refurbishment project, or for the cleanroom to be relocated to an alternative site for the duration of the project. Beyond the cost of hiring a company to conduct a refurbishment project, both of these methods of financially costly for your company, closing your cleanroom for a period of time means effectively closing a section of your business, whilst relocating has a number of additional logistical costs.

Respraying, on the other hand, can be conducted without closure or relocation of the cleanroom, it can be completed in-situ. Often projects can be completed outside of operating hours, usually overnight or scheduled downtime, enabling your business to continue as usual for the duration of the restoration work.

However, the benefits of respraying over refurbishment are not merely financial, logistical or durational. When undertaken by qualified professionals, a respraying project can yield high quality results which in many cases are just as effective as a wholescale refurbishment. This is because, despite the name, prior to beginning to spray, qualified technicians will perform, where possible, repairs to damaged panels and walling. This is because, if these dents and scratches remain then any spray coating will be compromised.

At CJ Paint Spraying, our team of dedicated technicians are highly experienced and proficient in performing respraying services within cleanroom environments, providing durable results without compromise to the hygienic requirements of these environments. The standard of workmanship and professionalism we offer has led to us building relationships with leading brands such as Nestle, Cadburys and Warburtons.

For further information about our cleanroom spraying services, or for a detailed comparative summary of the costs and implications of respraying compared with refurbishment, contact a member of our dedicated customer service team by calling 0845 163 0005.

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