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Rebrand Your Shop Front in Time for the School Holidays

Rebrand Shop FrontFor many shops the school summer holiday period are the most profitable months of the year. This is due to numerous reasons including the fact that children and teenagers have greater amounts of spare time to socialise and spend money, and also the fact that it is by far the most popular period of the year for holidays, which often require the purchase of products ranging from clothing to gadgets and books.

Therefore it is essential that your shop looks the best it can in preparation for the holiday period. Market research has consistently found that much of an individual’s purchasing choices are determined by emotional factors, as opposed to a rational decision about the quality of the product. Such research has found that the impression a shop front makes on an individual is a strong factor in determining whether the individual enters the shop and subsequently makes a purchase.

This evidence proves that first impressions count. For many of your customers your shop front is the first impression of your business that they have. Therefore, in order to be ready for the summer months a shop front rebrand may be in order.

Numerous business owners that we have spoken to are often been unwilling to perform shop front rebrands due to the perceived expense of such a process, in terms of both time and money. This simply does not need to be the case! An effective rebrand can effectively be produced on even the most limited of budgets.

Shop Front RebrandIf you are looking for the most effective results with a minimum expense then a spray paint rebrand may be for you. Spray paint provides a low cost method to create a dramatic visual rebrand, whilst also being extremely durable, unlike other painting methods, spray paint does not peel and once applied creates a bond which protects the underlying substrate.

An additional advantage of spray paint is that you can select the exact colour or colours you desire for your rebrand, meaning you do not have to compromise on your brand image. We have a mobile colour lab which enables us to provide an exact match on your desired colour, even if you do not know its code number or if the colour has faded.

A spray paint based rebrand can be achieved quickly and effectively, often we can complete the entire project overnight. This means no loss of profit for your business as a result of the rebrand. For further information about our spray paint based rebrand services for shop fronts, or to arrange a free no obligation survey of your premises, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.

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