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Cladding is often an integral part of a commercial building, providing an external shield for the interior from the worst that the weather can throw at it. However, this exposure can, over time, take a toll on the cladding resulting in corrosion, rust and other ailments. If these ailments are left untreated this issues can result in the cladding become compromised, resulting in the cladding ceasing to provide protection to the interior and can result in an expensive replacement process.

This problem can be exacerbated if it occurs during the winter months. As due to the extreme weather conditions associated with this period, reparations and replacement can prove difficult and more time and labour intensive. In order to avoid disaster this winter, it is best that your building’s cladding is repaired now.

In Time for Winter Have your Cladding RepairedA main reason why companies and businesses put off the reparation of their cladding is due to the perceived financial cost and disruption to their business which will result. This simply is not the case, a cost and time effective solution is available through respraying cladding. This process recoats the cladding’s surface providing protection to the underlying substrate from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

In addition, a dedicated cladding repair company, like CJ Paint Spraying, will perform repair work to the cladding prior to the application of paint. This process will involve repairing, where possible, individual cladding sheets, removing any corrosion and ensuring that the water protection they provide has not become compromised. Once all curtain walling has been either repaired or replaced the spray paint coating can be applied.

Our customers are often surprised at how quickly cladding repair projects can be accomplished. When performing these projects it is our aim to ensure that all disruption resulting from our activities is kept to a minimum. One way in which we do this, is where possible, performing the reparation work outside of business opening hours.

In addition, customers are equally surprised with the customisation options available on their cladding repair projects. We offer coatings in all of the colours contained within the leading colour coding systems, this includes the Pantone, British Standard and RAL systems. In addition, if customers are unsure of the colour they require, but can provide a sample we are able to provide this coating using our colour matching service.

For further information about our cladding repair service, or to arrange a free survey of your commercial building or premises, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 953 710.