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Specialist coatings applied to the exterior of commercial buildings and shop fronts typically perform two functions. Aesthetic and defensive respectively. These coatings are specifically designed to provide a decorative layer that is applied to the exterior of a building, whether this is cladding, the architectural metalwork or a shop front. In addition to these aesthetic attributes, these coatings are often specifically designed to provide a protective coating to the surface which they are applied, protecting it from corrosion.

In essence, paints are liquids that are applied to a surface that then dry to become a solid coating over the original surface. Due to this, the majority of coatings can be applied onsite in a live environment. However, powder coatings differ slightly from conventional coatings, as this coating type is heated in extremely hot ovens in order to cure and can often only be accomplished in dedicated facilities.

CJ Paint Spraying Specialist CoatingsWhen it comes to the application of coatings onsite there are four different types of coatings that are specifically suited for application on commercial buildings, including shop fronts. These are primers, build coats, under coats and top coats respectively.


This coating type is specifically designed to protect the substrate from corrosion. The coating also “keys” the surface ensuring that all subsequent coatings correctly adhere. Commonly, primers are labelled according to their metallic content, examples of this include iron oxide, red lead and zinc oxide.

Build Coats:

This coating type is applied to a substrate in order to enhance and add thickness to the surface which they are applied. When applied to metal surfaces such as cladding and shopfront fascias, these coatings protect the underlying substrate as they are often specifically designed for this purpose and therefore contain additives.


This coating type is essentially designed to provide a specific base colour on the substrate, so that a finishing coat can be applied subsequently. Often the foundation formed by the undercoat is of the same colour as the topcoat so that the colour of the final coating is not affected.


This coating type is the final coating that is applied to a substrate. In some cases, this coating can be protective, however its primary function is aesthetic. This coating type typically falls into two classes, a two-pack paint or a one-pack paint.

For further information about our coating types, or for advise on which coating or combined coatings would be most relevant for your application, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 963 710.