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Due to nature of cleanroom and food safe environments, in that they are controlled environments with low levels of pollutants, such as chemicals vapours, airborne microbes and dust, it is imperative that regular recoating is conducted to ensure high levels of both hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.

Safe Food and Cleanroom SprayingHowever, such recoating projects can seem difficult due to the high levels of reliance that businesses often place on these rooms for the continued operation of their business. Therefore, companies who utilise these environments are looking for quick and effective means by which recoating projects can be completed. This trend has resulted in a greatly increased demand for our spraying services in both food safe environments and clean rooms.

Spraying is a far more time efficient means of paint application than other contemporary and traditional methods. This efficiency means that an area can be spray painted in half the time it would take to coat the same surface using a brush, resulting in far less resultant down time, whilst ensuring that continued high levels of cleanliness are maintained within your food safe environments and cleanrooms.

However, spraying cleanrooms and food safe environments is only half the story of a professional and effective revamp project. Equally important, is that before the spraying work begins, that a dedicated technician assess the overall condition of the room’s panelling. This is important, because during the daily operations of these rooms wear and tear often occurs that can result in slight damages.

An assessment will identify any damages that have occurred to the room and its cladding panels. Once this has been accomplished, a dedicated and professional cleanroom spraying company, like ourselves, will perform repair and replacement work on the room itself and the panelling. Where possible we repair the panels, in order to reduce the financial expense and environmental damage of our projects.

Once all repair and replacement work has been conducted, our team of dedicated sprayers will apply your desired coating to the interior. When performing work on behalf of our clients in these environments, we ensure that all correct practice regulations are observed and conformed to, this includes ensuring that all our employees wear the correct protective clothing.

For further information about our food safe and cleanroom spraying services, or to arrange a free site survey, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005. Alternatively, emails can be sent to us at: