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Due to the progressive and continuous wear and tear that occurs in internal working environments, whether it is an office setting, warehouse or factory cladding, a recoating is often required. This can be because the coating has become tatty in its appearance, alternatively it can be because the previous coating has failed and as a result begun to deteriorate.

Often businesses are loathe to perform recoats on their internal working environments, especially where the coating is performed onsite, because of the perceived disruption to the operation of their business.

CJ Paint Spraying Onsite Paint SprayingWhilst this can be true of some, conventional paint application methods, that require extensive preparation and a prolonged application time in order to be effective. It is certainly not true of paint based spray coatings. Due to the spray application method, even the largest of areas can be effectively coated with a minimum of time expense. This means that recoating projects can be completed quickly.

Additional factors which can limit the impact that a spray based indoor paint recoat can have on the operation of your business are having the work performed outside of your company’s operation hours, where possible. This means that provided the internal environment can be successfully covered and masked, there is no impact on your operations as spraying is performed overnight.

However, it is not merely the time based benefits that make spray paint a popular application method for projects conducted in indoor environments. Due to the fact that spray paint actually bonds directly to the surface to which it is applied, a superior coating is achieved that actually protects the underlying substrate whilst also offering greater levels of longevity than are available from alternative application methods.

Additionally, spray paint offers perhaps the greatest palate of colours, tones and shades. This enables you to select the optimum colour/s for your interior, ensuring a uniformed appearance throughout your premises is achieved that is in line with the overall image of your brand. Should you be unsure of how to identify the specific colour you desire for your project, then do not worry, our dedicated colour matching service ensures an accurate match is provided. This means there is no compromise on your desired requirements.

For further information about our onsite, interior spraying service, or to arrange a survey of your premises, a member of our dedicated customer service team is on hand to provide support, they can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.