Merry Christmas from all at CJ Paint Spraying. Our office hours will be closed from Thursday 21st December till Monday 8th January

Christmas is the single most lucrative period of the year for businesses based in the retail sector. This is perhaps unsurprising as it is the only period of the year where everyone has shopping to do in order to provide gifts for their family, friends and loved ones.

However, merely having a shop and ensuring that it is open and well-staffed is not enough to ensure high levels of profitability during the lead up to Christmas. In order to sell your wares you first have to get customers through the door. Ultimately, you have to persuade would be customers to spend their money in your shop and not your competitors.

Shop Front Spraying Update In Time For ChristmasIn order to do this, appearances are everything. Especially the appearance of the exterior of your shop- the shop front. Ensuring that your shop front looks neat and most importantly appealing may mean the difference between customers visiting your shop and purchasing their gifts there and spending their money at one of your competitors.

Often, many shop owners are reluctant to refurbish or revamp their shopfront for two reasons- the perceived financial cost and subsequent down time resulting from performing such work. Whilst this can be true of some refurbishment techniques, we offer a low cost alternative with no resultant down time. Our alternative is spraying.

Shop front spraying is becoming an ever popular means of performing shop revamps and refurbishments. Due to the large number of benefits provided by this technique, the popularity is unsurprising. To demonstrate, due to the fact that many professional spray painting companies, such as ourselves, perform all spraying work outside of business operation hours, often overnight, there is no subsequent down time for your business.

In addition, due to the effective application method of spraying, large projects can be completed in a timely manner. This means that the financial costs are far lower than the equivalent price with an alternative method. However it is not merely the cost and time benefits that are making spraying an extremely popular method of shop front refurbishment, spraying also provides exceptional aesthetics. Customers are able to select their desired colour scheme and finish for the paint, once applied spray paint provides a seamless finish that actually protects the underlying substrate to which it is applied.

Don’t risk losing your customers to your competitors this Christmas! Revamp your shop with shop front spraying now and take advantage of the benefits. CJ Paint Spraying can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.