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Some projects require a dedicated offsite, in house paint spraying service in order to produce the best effects. Whilst onsite spraying has a wide range of benefits, it simply is not suitable for all applications. Therefore, to ensure that we can provide the services to meet the specific requirements of all projects we offer a dedicated in house paint spraying service.

All work that is completed as part of our dedicated in house spraying service is undertaken at our headquarters, in our state of the art spraying booths. The chief benefit of our in house spraying service is the level of control that it affords us over all projects. To demonstrate, since our spraying booth is a highly controlled environment we are able to ensure that the area is free of contaminants for the duration of the spraying.

Contaminants include dust, which if present can ruin and compromise an otherwise flawless finish. Additionally, our controls enable us to monitor and adjust the levels of air flow, humidity and the overall temperature within the environment. Being able to control these factors enables us to ensure that the optimum coating is achieved with our in house paint spraying service.

The high level of control provided by the dedicated spraying booths that we use for all our in house paint spraying services enable us to contain both overspray and the atomised solvents that are released through spraying. This is achieved through the ventilation, filtration and extraction processes that are utilised in our spraying booth, limiting the impact on the environment resulting from our in house paint spraying.

Surprisingly, perhaps, our in house paint spraying service actually enables us to achieve far quicker turnaround rates. This is due to the fact that we have a low bake facility, which enables us to cure paint extremely quickly, thus producing rapid turnaround times.

Perhaps the chief benefit of our in house spraying service is its diversity. Contingent on the item being able to fit through the doors of our premises, we can spray it. This means that we can provide our in house spraying service on everything from balustrades and cars to balconies and kitchens.

For further information about our dedicated in house spraying service, or to enquire about costings and availability, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.

Email enquiries can be sent to our team at: