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Food safe areas and cleanrooms are incredibly important areas of your business, they provide a safe and hygienic environment. However, due to high usage and the volume of traffic that passes through these rooms, the panelling can become damaged. If this damage is left untreated the overall hygiene of these environments can become compromised.

In order to avoid this occurring, it is highly advisable to schedule regular repair and recoating periods for your cleanrooms and food safe environments. This work needn’t interfere with the overall operation of your business as it can be conducted during the scheduled cleaning and preparation periods.

Over our years of operation, we have performed a wide range of panel repair projects in both cleanrooms and food safe environments. The quality of our services in this area is demonstrated by the calibre of our clients that include, Nestle, Warburton’s and Cadburys.

When providing panel repairs, where possible we aim to repair damaged panelling as opposed to replacing them. This has two core benefits, the first is that repairing panels is far more environmentally friendly than replacing, the second is that more often than not this approach provides substantial financial savings for your business.

The quality of our repair work is such that when we conduct repairs on Kingspan Clean Safe Panels it is covered under the Kingspan Total Warranty. Once the reparations to the panelling in your cleanroom or food safe environment has been completed, we will conduct a complete recoating of the environment to ensure high levels of hygiene throughout.

In order to complete our respray we make use of a number of dedicated hygiene and anti-bacterial coatings. This is because conventional coatings often suffer from degradation in these environments and encourage the growth of mould and bacteria.

To ensure that our technicians, when completing cleanroom and food safe environment panel repair work on your behalf, do not compromise the hygiene standards we adhere to the required health and safety standards. This includes ensuring that our technician’s facial hair does not exceed the maximum regulated length and that the correct protective clothing and equipment is worn.

For further information about our dedicated cleanroom and food safe environment panel repair service, or to arrange a free, no obligation site survey of your facility, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.

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