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Unfortunately, fading and discolouration of powder coatings is often unavoidable, especially on the exteriors of buildings. Due to the constant exposure to the elements, the powder coating on areas such as window frames, panels and doors can become chalked and weathered. If left unchecked this can detract on the overall appearance of a building and the company within, presenting a tired and uncared for appearance.

Companies can be reluctant to restore these areas due to the perceived financial cost and subsequent downtime associated with a complete recoating. However an effective alternative is provided by the Bromoco System. When applied to weathered and chalked powder coatings this system not only restores the colour to its former glory, it also provides a protective coating over the surface protecting from further colour damage and fading. The protection that is guaranteed for ten years also provides UV protection.

Bromoco SystemsAdditionally, unlike other restoration or recoating methods, the Bromoco system can be utilised without having to mask the surrounding area. Masking is often an extremely time and labour extensive process. Therefore when using the Bromoco system the overall time for the job to be completed and subsequent cost is considerably lower.

Once the Bromoco system has been applied to an area it then gains a high level of waterproofing. To demonstrate, when water is thrown onto an area that has been treated using the Bromoco system, it forms into beads and then promptly runs from the surface. When the same amount of water is applied to an untreated, chalked area the water saturates the surface and is held there.

Bromoco can be utilised on large projects to good effect. To begin all that is required is to clean and degrease the surface area and then to apply the system. Effects are instant and long lasting. A further benefit of the Bromoco system is that it is a water based none solvent product, is COSHH free and is therefore environmentally friendly.

At CJ Paint Spraying, we are proud to announce that we are currently the only company based in the UK that are approved applicators of the system. For further information about the benefits of this powder coating colour restoration service, or for a free, no obligation site survey of your application, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0845 163 0005.

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