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When hiring the services of a new contractor for the first time there is always a risk. This risk largely lies in the fact that you lack the knowledge and certainty of the quality of the contractor’s service provision. Therefore it is helpful that there are a number of accreditations that exist which have been specifically designed to provide third party and unbiased recognition of a contractor’s ability to provide certain services.

One of these third party accreditations is the Safecontractor scheme. This accreditation scheme has been specifically designed to both review and audit the health and safety policies, procedures and documentation of contractors. This is not a case of one size fits all. With the Safecontractor scheme, each company is assessed not only on it size but also on its profession and industry sector. This means that the Safecontractor scheme delivers audits that have been tailored to identify whether the suitable and sufficient health and safety compliance has been met by each company who has received accreditation.

In order for a contracting party to receive the Safecontractor accreditation, they are required to undertake a six step process. This process is as follows:

The Process for Contractors

  1. The contractor registers online.
  2. The contractor is sent the Health and Safety questionnaire.
  3. The contractor completes the questionnaire and submits all required supporting documentation.
  4. Based on this information, Safecontractor then assess all the submitted information. The contractor is notified at this stage when relevant feedback is available.
  5. If sufficient information has been provided, accreditation is awarded.
  6. Accreditation is awarded to successful applicants.

When selecting contractors to perform work on your behalf it is imperative to ensure that they observe the correct health and safety practices. The Safecontractor accreditation is recognised throughout the UK and the scheme was specifically designed in order to help contracting parties and entities take the hassle out of health and safety. This has been achieved through the provision of a list of approved contractors, enabling more efficient and cost effective access.

Selecting an accredited Safecontractor could not be easier, the company provide an online database of their contractors.

At CJ Paint Spraying, we pride ourselves on our exceptional health and safety practices. Therefore we are delighted to announce that these practices have met the requirements of the Safecontractor auditors and we have received full Safecontractotor accreditation.

For further information on our health and safety practices and further accreditations, click here.