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About our Partnership with Panel Manufacturers

Our company was first established in 2008, our aim is to provide top quality services for industrialised/commercialised buildings. Our line of expertise is on site spraying and cladding repairs, our number one services are still going strong and are still an extremely popular choice with our customers. In light of this, we grew a strong partnership, and work very closely with some of the top panel manufactures, such as:

  • Kingspan
  • Ruukki
  • Tata Steel

We feel it is only right to tell you more about our partnership with panel manufactures. Giving our loyal and supportive customers a better understanding of who we are and what we aim to do.


Kingspan is specifically known for its leading global performance in insulation, building fabrics and solar integrated building envelopes. One thing which immediately attracted us to them were their low carbon building solutions. At CJ Paint Spraying, we are always looking to be more environmentally effective in any possible way. Which is why the help and support from Kingspan meant that us working together can help in providing you with a low cost and high efficient service. Kingspan provides their services for old and new builds, which complements our line of work brilliantly, such as our flat roof installation & repair service.


Ruukki works closely with the construction industry, one thing which they specifically work on in façade cladding. Having many experience within the cladding industry, offering services such as:

We thought it was only right to get in contact and combine their expertise of high-efficient and sustainable solutions with our experience of cladding systems.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel was a no brainer for us, their knowledge and innovative products and services regarding steel materials works wonders with our commercial and industrial buildings. They work closely with walls, doors and roofs. With our many services such as:

We believed that bringing these two together would enhance the service and experience for our customers.
At CJ Coating’s we aim to always improve, standing out from leading competitors is one of our main attributes. Finding smarter and eco-logical ways to be different!

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

David Netherway 14th March 2018