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Giromax are most known for their specialist coating services that provide the most efficient protection against UV and corrosion. As a Giromax Contractor we though it would be an excellent idea to go through the benefits of using the Giromax products. In this article we will discuss what’s available what is best for your scenario.

CJ Paint Spraying have a close relationship with Giromax, providing quality cladding coatings and roof repairs to a range of businesses and retail parks.


DELCOTE HPG is a specialist membrane, with  breathable properties suitable for application as a protective  coating for a range of weather conditions or  to completely coat the gutter surface on a property. It’s flexibility is one of it’s best qualities as it allows the product to withstand a selection of normal surface movements and is completely unaffected by UV. As Giromax Contractors we would always recommend the DELCOTE product if your business premises is likely to encounter severe weather conditions or high temperatures.


GIROCOTE is a mid-sheen, low odour coating that is completely emissions compliant. It is specifically designed to Polyester coated steel, allowing it to provide aesthetically pleasing and increased protection for the refurbishment and repair of profiled metal wall cladding panels.

On weathered factory coatings, it can be spray applied in one coat or brush. Our Cladding Spraying services are perfect for this.

3. Seamsil Silicone Systems

Seamsil is a unique, highly flexible silicone remedial product.

It was developed to solve the frustration of Cut Edge Corrosion on steel roofing and has recently been recognised as the most versatile and effective protection treatment in any situation where exposed metal is subjected to aggressive moisture conditions. For this reason alone, as Giromax Contractors we thoroughly recommend Seamsil for cut edge corrosion repairs.

These are just some of the fantastic products available to us as Giromax Contractors. We employ these products when on site completing a range of building repairs. Our cladding spraying and repair services are amongst the most popular. All of which are available nationwide.