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Here at CJ Coating we cover a vast range of highly sought after spraying and coating services. In this post we will discuss our full metal spraying process and what you can expect when our team of sprayers arrive on site.

What Is Metal Spraying?

Metal spraying is sometimes otherwise known as metal coating. It is the process of applying a spray paint, usually with protective chemicals to help protect the substrate from adverse weather and corrosion. We are able to provide this as part of our national on site spraying services.

So How Do We Do It?

First things first. We will need to carry out a free on site survey before the metal spraying process can begin. This will only benefit you and your project in the long run as it gives our technicians a better idea of what they will be working on and a better understanding of the task that lies ahead. Not to mention that it will allow us to provide you with a far more specific quotation.

During the survey and as part of the metal spraying process we will conduct a complete analysis of the work area. This will allow us to assess what equipment we will need, including access equipment, spraying equipment and materials.

Now that the survey has been completed our team will begin work. Once on site our technicians will look to remove any corroded paint or cladding, smooth out and clean the area. We do this to ensure that the final metal coating is clear, sharp and smooth. We will apply a specialised product that will have anti-corrosive chemicals mixed in. This helps to prevent long term corrosion and return visits.

As part of the metal spraying process, during the survey we will take a sample of the area due to be coated. This will allow us to colour match the surface and provide an exact match for the spray. This is most popular with our shop front spraying services.

Once applied, the metal spray will be left to dry. We will then reassess the area and provide any touch-ups where needed.

Depending on the survey, we will provide a full guarantee for the work.