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Cladding Panel Manufacturers

Four On Site Cladding Panel Manufacturers

As the “go to guys” for national on site spraying and cladding repairs, we thought it would be a great idea to discuss the products that we use most frequently when we are working on site. There are a number of on site cladding panel manufacturers around and in this week’s article we discuss the most frequently used.

Cladding Panel Products to Consider

If you’re a facilities manager or the go to person for external site maintenance it’s good to familiarise yourself with the best cladding panel manufacturers and products. This puts you in the best possible position when disaster strikes – you will be more prepared, have a better idea of prices and can begin looking into potential contractors should you need to outsource any maintenance work.


Ruuki is primarily a Finish company that has successfully developed strong relationships in Europe. They work incredibly closely with a number of contractors, site managers, developers, and architects to ensure that they are able to provide a product that meets requirements.

Recently Ruuki has developed a rather unique system called the Ruuki Façade System that works closely with the industrial and commercial sectors – the product has proven to be extremely energy efficient and popular amongst contractors.


Kingspan is one of the most popular and in-demand high-performance façade and building panel manufacturers.

They produce a number of high-end products that enable contractors, designers, and architects to provide a consistent high standard of work. They work closely with businesses within a number of industries to provide cladding products that remain cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy to install and maintain.


Roofing systems and cladding panels are heavily overlooked when it comes to on site cladding repairs and regular maintenance. Trimo products are able to provide complete roofing solutions for business, public, industrial and apartment style buildings.

They have a number of roofing panel products available to contractors to ensure that roofs remain water tight, safe, and energy efficient.


Alucobond are one of the cladding product manufacturers that are slowly becoming a major player in the industry. They have recently developed a new product that is incredibly energy efficient and highly sustainable.

They have developed a ventilated façade system that protects buildings from heating in the summer and just the opposite in the winter months by ensuring the building does not freeze during colder temperatures in addition to preventing heat loss.


There are a number of cladding panel options available to you. Make sure you take the time to consider all of the options available to you. It can be tempting to jump in with the first product you see if you are in a rush to complete a task.

On a personal recommendation – if budgets allow, the ventilation façade system produced by Alucobond would be a great luxury to have.

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