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Spray painting industrial shutters and roller doors isn’t a particularly hard skill but one that requires a certain amount of knowledge and guidance. In this week’s post we will discuss “How To Spray Paint Shutters” covering the equipment you will need and the paint spraying process.

Learn How To Spray Paint Shutters

Now before you start you are going to need to get yourself prepared, you will need to do this for both commercial and residential spray painting. We go through this exact process when you carry out our shop front coatings.

Get an idea of the paint you would like to use when you are learning how to spray paint shutters is always a good thing. For residential coatings, a gloss paint and primer will be fine. However, for a commercial building or industrial door coating a more heavy duty, durable paint may be more suitable. You will also need an all-purpose cleaner (for multiple surfaces), a ladder (if needed and working at height), a drop cloth, screwdriver, drill and painters protective tape.

Now that you have got your materials set we can get stuck into learning how to spray paint shutters.

Before you can start painting anything, it’s best to remove the old shutters, if possible. We appreciate that large, commercial shutters will be difficult to remove and handle. If this is the case, try to protect the surrounds with the protective tape. If you are working on a commercial shutter, you may need to use a ladder or hire access equipment so you can work safely.

Once the shutters have been removed, using your all-purpose cleaner, thoroughly wipe down the shutter, removing all of the dirt and grit that has built up. Once you have removed the dirt, rinse the shutter and give it plenty of time to dry out prior to the spray paint.

Unless you have done so already, use your protective tape to cover the surrounds – you don’t want paint and primer covering the untreated areas!

Ensuring that you are in a well ventilated area, you can begin to apply the spray paint. You will want to hold the can or commercial spray gun approximately 6-8 inches from the shutters themselves, using a sweeping, side to side motion. You will need to allow 30-60 secs for the paint to dry between coats.

Once the shutters have dried overnight – you can proceed to reinstalling them as they were.