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Technicians Workign On Site At Kingspan Head Office

CJ Paint Spraying UK Awarded Kingspan HQ Repairs

CJ Paint Spraying have been tasked with completing a number of on site cladding repairs for industry manufacturer Kingspan at their head office in Holywell.

As with any industry – there are a number of different manufacturers, associations, bodies and suppliers that you would dream of working alongside. Well, for everyone here at CJ Paint Spraying that dream became a reality as we were asked to complete a number of on site spraying and cladding panel repairs for Kingspan, the market leader for the manufacture of cladding panel materials.

Who Are Kingspan?

Kingspan are manufacturers of cladding materials, insulation, paints and access floors.

Last year, Kingspan generated over 2 billion euros with over 200 million of that becoming profit. Known for their first class manufacturing abilities, only high standards of work are accepted with an incredibly strict approach implemented through-out the organisation.

As an on site spraying company, being given the opportunity to work for our main supplier is incredibly satisfying. This gives us the opportunity to really showcase our expertise to an organisation that can really shout about our ability to provide first class cladding refurbishments.

Before any work is completed we will be conducting a full site survey, setting expectations and goals as well as a deadline that meets Kingspan’s requirements and targets.

Works to Be Completed

The head office currently has an impressive exterior, however, with a closer look there are a number of areas that can be dramatically improved. The refurbishments that we will be completing will not only save our client time but a hell of a lot of money.

The main exterior panels will be transformed to a darker grey. We will be meeting with supervisors and managers on site to agree the best colour match before any work is completed.
As well as the cladding panels, there are a number of ventilation areas that require attention.

Over time the existing paintwork has become worn and started to peel away, leaving a finish that does not look good on the eye. This is something that we will be looking to revitalise for Kingspan at the earliest opportunity.

Through-out our time working with Kingspan, we will be carrying out a number of works – including the works that have been mentioned above.

There will be a full article available on our website to see the transformation as well as a complete case study. The study will discuss the reasons for selecting CJ Paint Spraying, the work that was completed and before and after images of all work completed.

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

David Netherway 14th March 2018