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The Importance of PPE

Importance of PPE

So why is it important to wear your PPE when at work? This week’s article discusses the importance of PPE and how it can prevent you from developing serious and potentially life threatening injuries.

For those of you that may be unaware of what PPE actually is, it stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Coming in various forms, PPE usually consists of Eye Protection, Hand Protection, Safety Boots, Signage, Harnesses and a hell of a lot more. Without it, any injury could become fatal.

PPE for Business

As a business, especially businesses that are associated with moving vehicles, harmful and hazardous substances, working a height and heavy lifting – PPE is an absolute must.

So why is it so important for businesses? Well, for arguments sake let’s say you own a distribution warehouse. There are a lot of moving vehicles, members of staff, products, shelfing, electricals, wiring and well just about everything that makes a Health and Safety nightmare.

If a member of your staff were to get injured by a moving vehicle, not only would it cause them an exceptional amount of pain but your business could be at risk as well.

Legally it is your responsibility to ensure that PPE is in place at all times. Failing to comply with health and safety regulations will lead to a very unwanted court appearance where you may have to pay fines, compensation and legal fees.

Unfortunately, for one nationally recognised company – the above actually happened!

With all of our on site coatings – we insist that our technicians use all of their PPE. Without fail!

article screenshot of injured worker

Royal Mail Forced to Pay £50k

You would have thought that a company as large as Royal Mail would be on top of their health and safety, including their staff’s PPE. Well it certainly doesn’t look that way.

A recent article was posted online exposing Royal Mails recent failures.

A warehouse worker broke a number of bones in his foot after a vehicle in the warehouse ran it over. Now I am not saying that PPE would have prevented the broken bones, but it would certainly have helped withstand a vast amount of the pressure that the vehicle would have applied.

The warehouse worker was not wearing any safety boots and as a result caused a number of injuries, not just broken bones.

Having failed to ensure that their staff were suitably protected, Royal Mail were fined £50,000 and forced to pay up to £10,406 in costs.

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