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7 On Site Spraying Tips

If your building is in desperate need of some TLC, then hopefully these fundamental 7 on site spraying tips will help you diagnose the cause of any damages and locate a reputable cladding panel repair specialist.

During this article, the supervisors and most experienced on site sprayers here at CJ Paint Spraying will discuss some of the most recognised and easily executed spraying tips and tricks that you can use for your buildings maintenance.

Plan, plan and plan some more

As with any project, commercial or domestic, you’d be foolish to try and simply “crack on” without any significant plans or organisation. Before any task or project we complete, we take the time to ensure that the on site supervisors and lead spray painting technicians devise a detailed plan for the environment and a “schedule of works”. By doing this, the entire team has a clear understanding of what is required of both them and the entire team as a whole. Going forward it helps them complete the task on time, budget and with minimal disruption.

If you’re not too sure on planning and setting up work schedule, take a look online for some open source (free) project management or planning software. These days there is a lot available for more or less every device you can think of. One example that springs to mind is a free project management software called “FreedCamp”.

Budget to Save Costs

So you’ve got your plan in place? Fantastic! Now part of that planning process will include what we are about to discuss. The budget.

An example of not how to do things would be to dive straight into your project and not consider the spend for the general maintenance. Before you know it, you’ve spent your budget and you’ve only just arranged for the access equipment!

Besides health and safety, the budgeting is one of the most valuable parts to any project, no matter what industry you are in.

Be Realistic

There is nothing more disappointing than not meeting your deadlines. That goes for both you and your senior. Your time management is crucial through-out your on site spraying project. You simply have to be realistic. Failing to set realistic goals will only end in disappointment and make your task overrun, exactly what you do not want.

There are many things that you should take into consideration. Just to list a couple, you should consider these; Equipment – how long will you need them? Employees/Labourers – how many will you need to meet the project deadline? Accessibility – will your workspace need to be clear at all times and if so, how long will it need to be clear for?

Stay Safe

A no brainer really isn’t it. Make sure you complete a thorough risk assessment and a registered health and safety officer has signed it off. If you have to take any form of risk to get a job completed, avoid it at all costs. You should never put yourself or another employee at risk to complete a task that is easily repairable by other means.

If you need to, approach your manager or director and ask for the correct access or safety equipment.

Utilise Resources

If you have a skilled workforce that includes a number of on site sprayers, use them!

Why use your maintenance budget on outsourcing work when you have a number of skilled employee’s available right on your doorstep. Moreover, if you are fortunate enough to offer apprenticeship opportunities, use it as a chance to provide some additional on the job training. It will help both you and your apprentice in the long run.

Find a Pro

If you have a number of repairs that require attention and are not fortunate enough to complete the work yourself, the safest and most recommended way to take action is to employ the services of a professional on site spray painting and cladding repair company.

Not only will it make your life a hell of a lot easier, but any additional damages that are caused as a result of maintenance work will fall under the companies’ responsibilities to ensure that it is rectified at no additional charge.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

Now obviously, you want to get any maintenance works completed at the best possible price? Of course. However, don’t always be tempted to go with the cheapest organisation. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is certainly relevant here.

We hope you have found these 7 on site spraying tips useful. If you are unsure of anything or need any assistance with an on site spraying or cladding repair project. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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