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hospital walkway with hygienic panels

5 Industries That Benefit from Hygienic Panel Coatings

Arguably, every business will benefit from hygienic coatings and safety spraying. The chemicals used as part of the process helps fight against harmful substances. We will be uncovering 5 Industries That Benefit from Hygienic Panel Coatings.

What are hygienic coatings?

A good question. Hygienic coatings were created to ensure that a number of vulnerable environments remain safe and clean. These industrial safety coatings are used in a variety of commercial and residential environments.

Hygienic coatings contain a highly concentrated amount of sanitised chemicals to ensure that high amounts of bacteria and mould are destroyed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

As promised, we will be discussing five key working industries that will benefit from an antibacterial coating. These industries include; Healthcare/Medical, Educational, Food Production, Brewing and Sports.

Healthcare and Medical Industries

You would think that this is quite an obvious one. However, there have been a number of cases that have resulted in the sickness of patients during their time in hospital due to poor cleanliness.

For example; as recently as February 2016 a children’s hospital in Edinburgh was penalised for poor hand hygiene. A number of the hospital staff members were failing to wash their hands correctly whilst working.

A small, but certainly important procedure that should not be missed.

The hygienic coatings that would be applied do not stop the need for hand washing. It simply contributes to the sanitation of harmful germs and aims to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

Hospital with poor hygiene levels


As is every environment were bacteria could potentially breed, it is massively important to ensure that schools and learning environments are kept clean.

A lot of schools and educational facilities contain food preparation areas and non-slip safety flooring.

Antibacterial and hygienic coatings will ensure that they remain clean and germ free as often as possible. For more information of Safety Floor Coatings you can click here.

Food Production

In all honesty there isn’t much that needs explaining for this.

A lot of food that is prepared here in the UK is shipped abroad and around the country. It is vital that those production, storage and transportation areas remain bacteria free. It only takes one small amount to contribute to a national outbreak.

Hygienic spraying ensures that these areas are maintained correctly and food is prepared in safe environments.


You may not realise but breweries are open to a lot of bacteria.

When alcohol is prepared and stored, they are usually done so for long periods of time. This allows the alcohol to ferment and produce the beverages we know today.

Each brewery will have had an antibacterial coating or spray completed before the brewing can begin. This ensures that the alcohol can be produced safely.

Sporting Venues

You may not realise but sporting venues require safety and antibacterial coatings to their external panels and internal flooring.

Reason being, a lot of venues tend to be located outside, leaving them vulnerable to adverse weather. Over long periods of time, long term damp conditions will contribute to a build-up of bacteria and mould which could potentially become extremely harmful.

A lot of these venues contain architectural curtain wall systems that require additional spraying.

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