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In House Architectural Powder Coating in Progress

In House Architectural Powder Coatings

You’re in charge of the budget for a local council; there are a number of local park areas within the community that are in desperate need of refurbishment. What do you do? This article breaks down the benefits of architectural powder coatings and why they could be the answer to all of your questions.

What exactly are in house coatings and why is powder coatings so important? In house coatings are exactly what they sound like, although they are not completed in your mother in laws basement.

In house architectural powder coatings are completed in an internal spray-painting booth. The booths are designed to restrict dirt and dust particles from getting into the paint, providing the materials with a higher quality finish.

In order for your project to benefit from the key features of an architectural in house powder coating, it’s best to leave this one to professional off site paint sprayers, as they will have a greater amount of experience to work with during the project.

Where to use architectural powder coatings

Architectural powder coatings are best applied to materials that are exposed to adverse weather as their properties ensure that the paint lasts the test of time and does not get damaged too easily. There is a specific process that is used for every coating. Before any materials are covered, the substrate must be correctly prepared. Failing to do so correctly will result in a poor coating, more often than not, requiring the work to be redone at a later date, costing you more money.

The pre-treatment process includes degreasing, cleansing and the application of a protective layer. This ensures that the material is in the best possible condition prior to coating the material. Architectural powder coatings are best applied to external materials such as signage and steel works.

The quality of the finish ensures that the colour and gloss retention remains intact at all times. This is due to the specific application method that is used.

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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