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Spraying Considerations

3 Spraying Considerations You Shouldn’t Forget

Building maintenance is a massive thing – especially in areas or parts of the world that are known for poor weather conditions, with the UK being a perfect example of that.

If you intend to work on your out building or an external panel for a commercial building, then consider these 3 spraying considerations that should not be forgotten.

I don’t think I can stress the importance of preparing an area for treatment. Let’s put it an easier way. If you are a surgeon, you wouldn’t just dive straight into an operating theatre and hope for the best, would you? So why do the same here or with your building and on site spraying?

You need to clear the area of any debris, grime or dirt. Utilise a cladding cleaning professional if need be. They will be able to use a pressure hose to clear any unwanted dirt effortlessly.

Getting the right coating is extremely important. Get it wrong, and your building will remain unprotected, get it right and your building will last a lot longer than you might think.

There are many coatings available, all providing their own benefit. The most popular building coatings include protective coatings to fight against damp, corrosion, rust and unwanted pests.

What you do after the new coating has been applied it completely up to you, but it is important that you get it right.

Simply leaving a building with a protective coating isn’t going to be enough I’m afraid. Weather conditions change, and you need to be able to react to the different circumstances. Reporting on your building regularly is the best way to ensure that the coatings and building structure are secure. Reports should be completed by site professionals such as facilities or maintenance contractors that know what they are doing. In some cases, large corporate buildings are able to employ their own facilities personnel.

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