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5 Questions Your Cladding Contractor Should Ask

Maintaining a building is a big responsibility. Maintaining the structure and safety of the outer panels is even more important as any failures could result in a serious injury.

Next time that you are considering a cladding contractor think about these 5 questions your coating company should ask you to ensure that you get the best possible deal for your budget and organisation.

1. What is your current maintenance routine?

A key question really, as it is important to know how durable the existing panels are and how long they have been treated, if at all. In some cases, buildings are left untreated for years, only for the existing facilities manager to discover that there is no protective coating currently in place.

Your cladding company needs to understand how often you are going to be clearing the new system. If you can provide a regular maintenance audit, a less durable panel may be considered. However, if you are unable to complete routine maintenance, a stronger, more weather resistant cladding sheet may be installed.

2. How often do you add a protective coating?

Again, an important detail for your chosen contractor to know. If you have never added a specialised coating to your building before, an initial survey may be required to check the durability and condition of any existing sheets. The cladding coatings contractor will also be able to include any future protective spraying projects into any quotations.

3. What is your budget?

It may seem a little upfront and potentially slightly rude, but it allows your cladding company to provide you with a tailor-made, and more affordable solution. The on site spraying contractor will be able to offer you services and solutions that your budget can afford.

4. Do you have a deadline?

Crucial. Deadlines are in place because they need to be met, make sure that your cladding operator is aware. The entire process will be quicker and projects will be implemented to ensure that your deadline is reached.

5. Who is the dedicated P.O.C (Point of Contact)?

If there are any issues with the installation, you will need to know ASAP. Provide your contractor with all of the relevant site contacts that they ask for, as they are not going to ask for them just for the sake of adding it to their Christmas card list.

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