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Building Maintenance Checklist

Building Maintenance Checklist for Every Facilities Manager

building maintenance checklist

It is important to remain on top of your commercial maintenance tasks. It can be easy to pass on certain types of building maintenance in the hope that someone else completes the work or you simply do not have to do it. Utilise this free building maintenance checklist to help get your tasks done even quicker.

However, if you are hoping to get away with certain maintenance tasks, then you are extremely foolish and incredibly irresponsible. Facilities and maintenance managers need to remain on top of their routines. These will usually consist of the following as well as other tasks that are related to their businesses and buildings:

  • Roofing Inspections
  • HVAC Reports
  • Plumbing and Restroom Areas
  • Lighting
  • Long Term Item Inspections

I can’t believe nobody had thought of this building maintenance checklist any sooner than we did?

Your Building Maintenance Checklist – Roofing Inspections

You do not have to be a genius to figure out that regular maintenance and proper management will reduce the amount you spend on roofing repairs. Commercial roofing structures are very delicate and need a significant amount of care and attention unless you want to blow your budgets.

  • Roofing should be inspected at least twice a year and especially after a spell of poor weather.
  • If you find damages, review the warranties that came with any previous installations.
  • Regularly inspect and keep roofing drains clear of any debris and potential blockages.
  • Complete a physical examination of any roofing panels and sheets. Report any damages ASAP.
  • Check any connections to wall structures, ensuring that they remain intact and secure.
  • Take action against any corrosion. Apply a protective roof coating to prevent further damage.
  • Remain aware of any potential leaks and repair immediately.

HVAC Reports

The heating and cooling equipment in your building should be assessed at least twice a year. This is best done of a 6-monthly basis, with any recordings, faults or damages reported. Make sure that the heating equipment such as boilers are inspected by a qualified professional. It is advised to plan the maintenance of any heating equipment well in advance of any potential poor weather spells.

  • Ensure that any pumps, fittings, or mechanics are properly lubricated if required.
  • AHU’s needs to be assessed and cleaned. The air filters must be changed at least once a month.
  • Record any faults with heating systems and boilers and file.
  • Liaise with heating contractors to ensure they understand the heating schedule of the building.

Plumbing and Restroom Areas

Every building maintenance checklist must cover the plumbing structure of a building. Naturally busy commercial environments will come across plumbing faults and will be in need of repairs at some stage through the year. If you have a plumbing specialist employed, then your repairs should be completed ASAP. However, if you need to work with a third-party contractor, ensure that they are commercially qualified. There are many plumbers in Milton Keynes that are close to use that provide commercial work. Contact a number of local professionals near you for any further assistance.

  • Inspect all plumbing and restroom areas every 12-months without fail.
  • Have any mechanical plumbing machinery inspected and lubricated by a qualified engineer.
  • Water heaters and commercial grade boilers must be inspected by a Gas Safe Engineer.
  • Fittings and bearings need to be secured on every item.
  • Toilets, basins, urinals, and safety flooring for WC’s need to be checked.
  • Test the temperature of taps in public restrooms to avoid burns.


Any electrical items and power points need to be checked by a qualified electrician. The fuse box must also be tested and any electric boilers or water heaters certified.

  • Inspect all public spaces and check lighting manually.
  • Inspect and test all fire, smoke, and CO alarms.
  • Remove any dust or build-up on lighting materials to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Take temperature readings of lights and monitor.

Longer Term Inspections

No building maintenance checklist is complete without long term maintenance preparations.These are more advised for public areas of your business. These could be public or visitor car parks, restrooms, reception areas, and even canteens. If there is a food based environment, make sure that the flooring is slip resistant and the internal panels have a hygienic protective coating applied.

  • Paint and re-coat disabled bays with easy-to-see coatings.
  • Clean cladding panels at least annually to avoid moss, mould, and corrosion.
  • Treat any cut edge corrosion immediately to prevent damages and further repairs.

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