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External Cladding Sheets

Cladding Systems for External Walls

A commercial buildings exterior is often made from a variety of materials and products. However, 99% of commercial buildings tend to use something called external cladding sheets. These sheets are carefully manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and last a hell of a lot longer than traditional cladding sheets.

There are many things that can be done to protect a building against the elements and getting the right materials is right up there.

In a close second, protective cladding coatings provide an external protective layer for the cladding sheets to ensure that paintwork and materials do not get damaged.

Over long periods of time, large volumes of rain can cause what is called cut edge corrosion. This occurs when the cladding sheets have been cut to size in the warehouse with no treatment for the newly cut edges. As the damp weather gets into the materials, the edges begin to corrode and rust. Short term, this doesn’t seem too serious, however, in the long run it may result in serious damages and a complete removal of the sheet.

How to Prepare External Cladding

Just as we have mentioned above, preparation is key.

You must ensure that the cladding materials are well protected before they are installed and fitted into place. Protective coatings and on site spraying professionals will be the best people to contact for assistance.

Once the protective coating has been applied, a second, more generalised coating will need to be applied. This is more for decorative purposes and tends to match the buildings branding. Commercial paint sprayers will provide teams of spraying experts to help complete an even coating across the entire site.

The chosen technicians will also complete any cleaning tasks after the work is completed to ensure that the site remains spotless.

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

David Netherway 14th March 2018