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Why Does Paint Bubble

Why Does Paint Bubble?

If you’re trying to say that you have painted a building or a section without blistering paint, then I’m afraid you’re lying. Unfortunately, every tradesmen has blistered paint at some stage in their lives, and granted – it isn’t something you should shout about. So why exactly does it happen? Let’s have a look shall we?

It’s a Funny Fluid

Paint is a funny ole liquid. The paint will start to blister or peel if the moisture in the air is too high or if there is too much heat. In some cases, both instances can be enough for the paint to start cracking and coming away from the surface.

So what exactly causes the paint to bubble and blister?

If you’re intending on painting a damp or hot surface, allow it plenty of time to dry out and cool down. If you start painting on it right away, then I’m afraid it will end in disaster and you will have paint blisters everywhere you turn.

Never use alkyd paint over a latex paint, especially if it is oil based. I’m afraid it will only end in one scenario.

Make sure that you allow your paint plenty of time to dry before your expose it to the elements. If you expose newly dried paint to a damp environment then it will start to crack immediately. Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions and allow plenty of time for the paint to dry out.

So How To Stop It?

If you want to stop paint from bubbling and cracking all over the place, then you just need to follow a couple of simple rules. Now they’re not difficult, just make sure you do it and don’t be tempted to skip one or two steps.

Before you start painting make sure that the surface area is clean and dry. If you have some, apply a primer before your main coating. Use the primer to touch up any stains before you start with your main coating.

If the weather is a little warm, then it’s probably best to give it a miss until it’s a little cooler. The warm weather will cause your paint to crack as it dries – exactly what you don’t want!

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