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questions to ask cladding repair contractors

These Are 7 Questions You Must Ask Your Cladding Repair Contractors

It’s perfectly normal for business managers and site owners to want everything done as cheaply as possible. After all, that’s why budgets are in place, to make sure that they are utilised in the most efficient way possible.

However, hiring a cheaper cladding repair alternative can have its consequences and plenty of risks. Fortunately, our team here at CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide have created a completely free list of useful questions that you can use when hiring third party contractors in the future.

Before we get into it, hiring a recognised contractor for your cladding repairs may not always be the cheapest route, however, it does come with reassurance. Nationally recognised contractors such as ourselves will be able to offer discounted services, extended warranties and maybe even same day completion.

Our suggested questions cover:

  • The level of experience on offer
  • Expected costs, estimates and quotations
  • Who’s in charge and manages the project
  • Finding a legitimate business
  • More

#1 How many years of experience do you have in cladding repair?
This is always a good question to ask your selected contractor before you get into the nitty-gritty of estimates and project planning.

Any sign’s of hesitation could be a sign of an inexperienced contractor that hasn’t been able to prove their worth on larger projects. They may well be a good contractor, however, if you’re paying good money, you want to make sure that the work has been completed to an exceptional standard.

#2 What is your business registration number?
This is a great question that is usually used to catch out cowboy contractors.

Although, just because the contractor doesn’t have a registered business does not mean that they are a cowboy builder or contractor. They could be self-employed and not large enough to warranty a business registration.

If they do not have a business number, make sure that you do your research and speak to local businesses that may have already used their services.

#3 Do you have any references that I can contact?
A personal favourite. You can view the CJ Paint Spraying testimonials on our individual pages and online.

However, if a contractor is unable to provide you with real, legitimate business reviews or references, then it is a good sign to stay away.

It could be a sign of a bad contractor.

#4 What is included in the quotation pricing?
We suggest that you question the costs in any quotation that you receive. Recognised businesses will be more than happy to discuss costs with you and break down anything that you are unsure of.

In all of our quotations, we include the costs of travel, labour, parts and any equipment hire that may or may not be needed. This will always be clearly stated on the quotation.

#5 Do you offer warranties?
It’s worth knowing if you re eligible for any extended warranties.

Recognised cladding panel manufacturers will often run discounts and extended deals in a bid for additional sales and installations.

Recommended contractors for Kingspan such as CJ Paint Spraying Nationwide may be able to offer you a greater length on the guarantee when fitted or repaired.

#6 How long will the cladding repair take?
If the cladding repair contractor has any sense, they will refuse to provide an exact time frame before the work begins.

Cladding repairs are like many forms of building maintenance. They need to be completed with care and precision to reduce the chances of return visits – something both you as the customer and the contractor do not want.

Repairs can take anywhere between half a day to complete and a full week.

#7 Who will manage and supervise the work on site?
There is no need to panic here.

Any work completed on site by CJ Paint Spraying will be managed and run by our very own full time project supervisor.

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