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Corroded roof sheet panel

The Most Common Cladding Repair and How to Fix It

Every year and every week, our team here at CJ Paint Spraying encounters a number of on site panel repairs and spraying projects throughout the UK. Unfortunately, due to the UK’s strange weather patterns and inconsistency, buildings with external cladding sheets can sometimes become more vulnerable.

As a result, contractors such as ourselves are needed to help maintain these buildings panels and meet health and safety requirements.

For this weeks article we have decided to discuss the most common building repair that we encounter, how we approach it and how it can be resolved.

So What Is The Most Common Repair?

A lot of the buildings that we work on include metal based materials that have been cut to size in order to fit certain clients warehouses and requirements.

However, despite this innocent gesture these bespoke sized cladding sheets can be what cause a lot of on site problems and lead to cladding repairs.

In many cases we come across buildings with a number of cut edge corrosion issues. As a result of the damp weather conditions, the edges of the metal cladding sheets can become rusted and start to cause more harm than good.

A cut edge corrosion treatment is needed to ensure that the building remains safe and complies with the industries health and safety requirements. Cut edge usually occurs when the panels overlap and the sheets are exposed.

How to Fix Cut Edge Corrosion

It is important to treat corrosion faults carefully. Before any work is completed we will always complete a thorough assessment of the building, the sheets and any surrounding equipment.

During the inspection we will assess the cladding panels to confirm the amount of product required for repairing and re-coating the sheets.

Unfortunately, not every cladding sheet that is damaged can always be repaired. If there are any sheets that contain a lot of damage – a full cladding panel replacement may be needed. Of course – if we can save you money by repairing we will do.

We will then use the latest cladding cleaning techniques to remove any moss or algae from the damaged sheets. This helps to complete a thorough repair and avoids revisits.

We then look to remove any old flaking paintwork that could hinder the quality of the cut edge corrosion repair.

Once our team is satisfied that the area is ready for works we will begin completing the cladding repairs. On completion we will provide a full cladding and façade coating that is used to provide long-term protection against the elements.

This is extremely important to the corrosion repair treatment. We ensure that our teams use a coating that contains a corrosion restraint to prevent the rusting and damages from reappearing.

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

David Netherway 14th March 2018