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5 Reasons Why Your Buildings Panels are Fading

Just like many businesses in the UK, the buildings are open to the elements and become extremely vulnerable to the inconsistent weather conditions. As a result, facilities managers and business owners find that their buildings are becoming faded and paintwork begins to flake away.

Fortunately, understanding how a building can be protected can go a long way in keeping your buildings panels protected and away from unnecessary repairs.

Causes of Faded Building Paintwork

Typically, buildings paintwork can become compromised when the following occurs:

  • Sunlight damages the coatings
  • Paintwork has been applied incorrectly
  • The weather breaks down the material
  • The panels have no protective coating applied
  • The buildings themselves are poorly maintained

Sunlight and UV Damages

Almost every building around the world works extremely hard to make sure that the panels installed are protected from sunlight and UV damages but over time it can make things a lot more difficult.

As time passes, the UV lighting generated from the sunlight can begin to break down the paintwork and any protective coatings. As a result, the buildings coatings begin to fade.

In extreme cases, building coatings have been known to fade and start to show signs of flaking before the site owners have had chance to assess and refurbish the issue.

Incorrect Coating Applications

If your buildings panels are manufactured with a metal sheet, then the chances are that they’re going to rely heavily on the correct coating being applied when they are installed.

In some cases, powder coatings have been known to be applied on buildings external panels. Unfortunately, this will only lead to quicker depreciation and cause you to spend more money on new applications throughout the year.

If the wrong type of coating technique or application method is used then you’re going to know about it sooner rather than later and its not going to be cheap to rectify.

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Acid Rains and Adverse Weather

We all know that the UK is known for heavy rain spells and generally poor weather throughout the year – even in the summer months. One of the most common forms of weather here in the UK is rain.

Over long periods of time, constant rainfall can contribute to higher pH levels in the rainwater. When this reaches and sits on the buildings cladding panels it can cause them to depreciate and show signs of damage and wear.

The easiest way to resolve these types of issues is to regularly wash down the buildings after long periods of heavy rainfall. This allows you to wash away the rainwater that could sit on the buildings and prevents the acid from building up and corroding sheets.

No Protective Coatings Applied

If you were on holiday in the Far East you would go out all day without applying sun protection would you? – No. Your building panels are exactly like that. They need a protective coating to help them fight against the UV, acid and wind conditions.

The protective coating (the suncream) is applied by a professional spraying contractor evenly using a unique application machine which ensures even distribution across the panels.

In the long run, the protective coatings help to fight against:

  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Flaking
  • Peeling
  • Fading

Poor Maintenance

The biggest contributor to poorly maintained cladding sheets is generally down to the quality and consistency of the maintenance provided on site by the facilities staff and teams.

Without regular maintenance tasks and audits, buildings and commercial sites will encounter a hell of a lot more damages and expensive repairs which all come from the businesses profits.

Facilities and maintenance staff should be completing regular monthly inspections to help identify any of the below:

  • Signs of dirt and grime build up
  • Regular protective applications and assessments
  • Any unplanned repairs that need to be scheduled
  • Any respraying of panels and sheets throughout the site

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