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4 Warehouse Repair and Maintenance Tasks To Start Immediately

As the nights start getting darker, it can only mean one thing, and in the words of the Game of Thrones characters; winter is coming. So it’s the perfect time to tidy up your industrial units and arrange for those warehouse repair and maintenance tasks that you have been putting off for the last 6 months.

Distribution centres are especially suspect to numerous damages throughout the year and it can be difficult to find a suitable time to get everything repaired and back to normal.

What warehouse repairs to focus on:

Most warehouses and industrial units will need to tackle the following maintenance tasks and making good for certain areas of the building that include:

  • Respraying distribution roller doors
  • Respraying the window frames
  • Reapplying the correct safety flooring
  • Ensuring that food production areas are correctly maintained

Assessing and respraying roller doors:

Roller doors and commercial access points are always vulnerable to damages and superficial damages such as scratches; dents and scuffs but occasionally there will be the odd accident that requires a serious repair.

Distribution centres tend to hold the most roller doors and are frequently in use up to every 30-minutes on busy days. Depending on the load that is due to be delivered, in most cases a forklift will be used.

Unfortunately, as useful as they are, they can also provide a significant amount of damage such as puncturing the materials and the doors themselves. If such thing has happened to you, you can book a survey with one of the CJ Paint Spraying roller door refurbishment supervisors.

Refurbishing commercial window frames:

Just because you’re a business doesn’t mean you can get away with neglecting basic window maintenance – whether that be internally or externally. Over time the paintwork inside larger damp warehouses can cause the paint to start flaking away from commercial frames.

Using a variety of application methods, commercial paint sprayers will be able to refurbish each panel and frame to make it look as good as it did 10 years ago.

Powder coating methods are one of the most popular, however, other methods that include HVLP and airless spraying have also proven to be very successful.

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Reapplying the correct safety flooring:

Industrial units have a duty of care and hold a responsibility to ensure that any member of staff is well looked after and kept safe no matter what the situation.

One of the key aspects of meeting those terms is by ensuring that the safety flooring is in place and maintained on a regular basis. Without safety flooring, members of warehouse staff are more likely to slip, trip or even fall, which could lead to a serious injury.

Commercial grade safety floor coatings are used to prevent this from happening and CJ Paint Spraying are able to provide complete applications all over the UK.

Food production areas need to be checked:

If you’re the maintenance manager in a commercial building then you will have kept a log of any temporary repairs completed throughout the year. This is the golden opportunity to provide a permanent fix to prevent an increase in temporary repairs.

Food production areas, just like distribution platforms see a lot of action and can become damaged easily as there are a number of large appliances being used in sync with one another.

Panel dents, punctures and scratches do happen so make sure you fix them quickly to prevent corrosion and paint wear.

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