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Shop front design ideas

As a store owner, it must be hard to know the best way to make your shop front design stand out from the rest. If you are a chain store, usually you have a corporate image which you have to stick to. Shop fronts are one of the most critical aspects of store design; therefore it’s crucial you get this right. It is one of the first things your client will see.

Shop front design

When creating your shop front design you want to capture the selling point of your store. This is where you will be able to entice potential customers to enter your premises. Most successful stores have managed to create a strong first impression through colours, signage, external finishes and lighting. Many stores that have large amounts of footfall often have fantastic designs and architectural installations that captivate their intended audience.

If your a store that already has a storefront but might need a little revamp you may want to ask yourself a few questions or even a good friend who can give you an honest answer:

  • It is obvious what your brand does?
  • Are your brand colour identifiable to customers passing?
  • Do your window displays inform?
  • Is your facade clean and well-fit?

If you answer is no to many of the questions above you may want to think about how your customers must be perceiving your brand. This might be an indication its time to make a change and go for something new.


If you want your customers to continue shopping in your store it is important you keep up appearances. If you don’t take good care of the shop front or exterior, there is a high chance people that could be potential customers will walk past. This could potentially be detrimental to your business. Where you were once getting hundreds of people coming into your store, you may not find only half of those customers still come in.

If you have a great exterior and shop front, it will give your business and brand an excellent reputation. Another way of your business achieving the best brand awareness is to ensure your signage is correct, tidy and the best representation of your brand.

If you find your brand is lacking colour or simply your not getting enough customers as you were before you may want to think about commercial and retail respraying of your storefront. By simply revamping your store you could see a significant increase in footfall to your shop.

Colour scheme

Every well-known store has a colour scheme; if we get you to think about the three main supermarketing in the UK, we bet the majority of you will be able to tell us what their colour schemes are. A colour scheme helps captivate your audience and will make them want to come into your store more, that’s why its so important you get this right first time around. A clear colour scheme can lead to customer recognition and brand trust. One thing we would say is when picking a colour scheme for your storefront, be consistent with your brand; there is no point in having a mismatch colour scheme that has no relevance to your brand image and what you sell.

Shopping Centre’s

In most shopping centre locations you may find a lot of stores have unity, normally these locations have a set layout stores agree to before being able to rent the space. However, thats not to say you cant add your branding or business touch. While it’s always important to check what you can and cant do there is a range of ways of improving your storefront without spending any money. Visual merchandising is a great way of showcasing your brand’s products and also helps create a more captivating store that people will want to walk into. If you would like more information about how to use visual merchandising in your store we suggest taking a look at Shopify’s article on 6 Visual Merchandising Tricks to Increase Your Sales Per Square Foot.

High street

The high street is consistently busy, not many people tend to go through the high street and not pay any attention to the stores they are walking past. There are a few things you need to consider when designing your storefront, the last thing you want to do is over clutter, no one appreciates windows and walling covered in advertisement messages. We always think that with a great colour scheme and well-designed signage your brand and business can make a huge difference in reaching the audience.

Brick wall

If you have a brick wall and don’t know what to do with it, you might want to consider staining or painting to give it an updated finish. By updating your brickwork, you can make a once old and grubby exterior look modern and revived from what it once was. We would suggest not to try this yourself as there is a vast amount of prep that has to go into it, bricks need to be thoroughly cleaned, all mould and mildew also need to be removed otherwise damp can capture underneath the paint and cause you more work in the future.


Ensuring your brand has the best storefront, and exterior will mean you have a better appeal to your customers. You want to make one of the best first impressions possible, and that means having the right colour scheme. While you may have restrictions depending on where you store is located there a range of ways you can improve the way your brand comes across to passers-by. Branding is one of the most important aspects of getting business, not only can it increase business profit but it also helps your brand build its reputation.

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