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The benefits of commercial building refurbishment

A common problem commercial buildings are having is that they love the location of where their premises are but think they need a new one because it’s outdated or no longer suits their business needs or requirements. There are many other reasons why you may think your business needs a new property but have you really thought about the cost of doing so? Refurbishment is an excellent alternative to your ever-growing business and can instantly improve productivity and the way clients perceive you as a business. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of commercial building refurbishment.

What is commercial building refurbishment?

There is a range of different refurbishments you can make to your commercial building; they can be big and small depending on your budget and how much of a difference you would like. You can just do to the exterior with a colour change of cladding or even new cladding altogether, or you can have an office refurbishment having new interior designs from infrastructure to desks and chairs, or you can choose both.


The benefits of commercial building refubishment

Improve traffic to your business

Renovating a business is naturally going to spark the attention of stakeholders and the local community. It also helps provide additional promotional opportunities, having a renovated building can allow for any advertising and pr campaigns. Not only are you improving the reach of people to make them aware of your new building but you are also sparking interest in your business for potential and current customers or clients.

More efficient business

A renovation is typically a quicker way of receiving what you want in comparison to new construction. There are a few things you must consider when having a renovation, if your building is still going to be in use you may want a project manager who can make the renovation work while no business is interrupted.


Remodelling your business is a great way of changing your brand image without having to fork out too much money. Rebranding is a way of your company purpose, and it should only be done after a thorough investigation into your brand’s performance. Rebranding can give your business a complete refresh and improve the appearance of your brand. A rebrand can reflect a number of scenarios your business could encounter such as a merger, considerable growth, outdated, company strategy change, differentiation of competitors, and technology advances.

Inspiration and motivation

One of the main benefits of an office renovation is that you can inspire and motivate your employees to work harder. Improving your business isn’t just about giving employees nice pay packets to improve their productivity. Providing them with a unique environment to work in stimulates creativeness and efficiency. You want to create the best workspace possible where multiple teams can collaborate and improve team working skills with quality working space.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Incorporate energy efficient changes

As part of your commercial office refurbishment, you can help reduce your energy consumption and decrease your energy bills. While some people may inform you that it may be a large expense for your business however you will reap the rewards in the future. Any energy that you don’t consume that you make more likely than not the energy company may actually pay you for putting money back into the national grid. Money Saving Expert have gone through whether it is worth having energy efficient products such as Solar Panels for you and your business.

Accommodate new equipment

If you require more space to accommodate new equipment that renovation is a great idea. If there are pieces of equipment you have been thinking about for a while then now would be the time to get it. By getting the equipment, you’ve wanted for long periods of time you can now work around it when considering a renovation.


Did you know that by considering renovation in comparison to new construction you could save your business a fair few pounds? You have to take into consideration when starting with a new build there are so many different factors you will need to incorporate into your business. You may also find that land comes at a huge cost and is often at a premium so you may want to think about remodelling your existing building. If you can see your existing building has potential, you can get the best out of your building for almost half of what you would have spent building a new one.


Refurbishing your commercial property is a great investment for your business. Not only are you improving the look of your business but it is also a great way to advertise your brand image. While you may not think it directly, remodelling can have a huge impact on the way your business is perceived. You want to make first impressions count especially when it comes to your customers or clients as they are often the kind of people you are trying to win over.


There is a range of benefits you can consider when thinking about refurbishment. One thing we would like you to consider is getting your business the best contractor or service that can provide you with a complete refurb and an affordable price. The last thing you want is to be spending thousands of pounds on a refurbishment when it would have cost you the same amount of money to buy a new building. Do you, researchers, when it comes to builders and contractors, you don’t want to be caught out by any cowboy builders. If you would like more information on why you should research cladding and spraying contractors, click here. You will want to find a contractor that can do multiple services this way you get the best price. CJ Paint Spraying offer a range of onsite repair and replacement services to improve the exterior and interiors of your business.


We recommend taking all of the benefits discussed when thinking about a commercial building refurbishment. There are so many reasons why you should have one; you might be rebranding your business or simply feel like it should have a refresh. Office renovation is a great way of inspiring and motivating your staff; it will also improve their productivity. If you would like to make your business greener and energy efficient now is a great time to do so.

We hope this article helped with your commercial building refurbishment considerations if you found this useful, feel free to share on social media!

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