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Triangle Cladding

Examples of creative cladding

Many people don’t often understand what cladding actually is and what it is used for. Cladding is a type of outer layer of skin on the exterior of a building; it can be attached to the framework of the structure, it can also be added in a number of creative ways to improve the look of a building. Cladding is mainly used to prevent weather conditions from affecting the internal parts of the building. It can also be a great way of soundproofing or even thermal insulation for your business.

Cladding is a great way of making your building look more aesthetically pleasing, so here we are going to show you a few examples of creative cladding.

Creative cladding ideas

Cladding is made from a wide range of materials including wood, metal, brick, vinyl, aluminium and blends of cement. Cladding can bring a bit of character to any building which improves the overall look of your exterior. We think that cladding is a great way of bringing something different to your business building. It can be used to bring branding or simply make your business look more sophisticated. The great thing about cladding is that it can have on site spraying which can revitalise it as well as adding a touch of colour.

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University has been expanding over the past few years as a wave of students wishes to study in big cities. It recently moved to a more central part of town to be closer to the city and train stations. Being in a central location one of the main points of the structure of the building that drags you in is the bright colours of exterior cladding. Using bright orange to bring your eyes to the buildings structure, it also showcases the universities emblem. This use of cladding still allows a perfect amount of sunlight to come into the building however as the sun starts to set it is shaped in such a way it prevents the sun from blinding students while they study.

Singapore Life Church

The Singapore Life Church was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest Presbyterian Churchs. It previously was homed in an old 70s-build modernist structure which was no longer structurally sound after recent construction work underground.

Before completely refurbishing the building they had a vision to have a building with a larger sanctuary and to have a modern building which their members were proud to attend. The use of aluminium panels had been cut in such a way to bring light into the building but also penetrate light through as the night draws in. The perforation in the cladding is adapted from the Mandarin character for people. This pattern gives this building its own unique identity.

West London, Rainscreens

In West London, this unique building uses a variation of glass panelling and cladding to give it a futuristic feel. Not only does it reflect its natural surroundings but also works well to insulate in the winter months. When being created, it had only two needs it had to meet, to satisfy structurally and meet architectural demands. The combination of both glass and cladding allow for a seamless transition of the two materials.

High Parks

A trendy village has released new cladding details for its twelve-story block of flats. They wanted to create something that was different to anything they have previously done and come up with a completely unique and engaging design. They will be using a product called Swisspearl which is renowned by modern architects for its range of colours and textures.

Aluminum cladding

This cladding is the perfect showcase of how you can manipulate aluminium to give you great pointy definition. One of the best qualities of aluminium is that you can bend and score it depending on how thick it is. It is an extremely lightweight material that provides reflective qualities. It also holds a significant amount of strength. This particular design gives it a unique design and encourages people to look at the exterior of the building.

The Cube, Birmingham

The Cube in Birmingham is a fascinating building, home to a hotel and Marco Pierre White famous restaurant. Anywhere you stand in this building you get a brilliant view of the city. It was one of the first of many visionary building that is to be built in the city of Birmingham. The design has been based on the history of Birmingham’s industrial heritage, renowned for its heavy metalworking and jewellery quarter. The design of cladding allows for sparkling of light and glistening components which allow the building to experience different lighting structures depending on the time of the day.


Cladding is a great way of improving the exterior of your building. It can instantly create an eye-catching appearance and get customers and clients to engage with the exterior. We also think that many of these creative cladding examples are a great way of making your building more energy efficient. They allow for light to enter all aspect of each building; the cladding also helps to create shaded areas when the sun becomes too much.

Cladding is an excellent way of showcasing your brand if you are a creative one we recommend thinking about installing cladding to your exterior structure. Cladding doesn’t just have to be one colour; you can now spray cladding a variety of tones. Many contractors now offer colour matching services so if you have a colour you really want, but can’t find it we recommend asking around because you’ll be sure to find a contractor like CJ Paint Spraying to mix the paint for you.

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