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Do’s and dont’s of cladding cleaning

cladding cleaning
cladding cleaning

Cladding can be used both inside and outside a building, from time to time it will require cleaning however many people seem to get this wrong, whether it’s using the wrong products or simply needing a contractor to do it. Cladding cleaning will also depend on what time of clean you need whether is a quick once over or a deep clean.

Why the weather may mean you need cladding cleaning

The UK is in a tricky position when it comes to weather and can experience a range of adverse weather which we witness every year. Unfortunately, due to the constant changes in the climate, it can have a significant impact on exterior cladding and coatings. The differences between hot and cold can make cladding and coatings more vulnerable to dampness, rust and fading. The main causes of the damage are ultraviolet light from the heat and sun or extreme coldness such as ice, snow and of course good old British rain.

While weather can impact cladding panels itself, it can also interrupt the life expectancy of the coatings that you may have had sprayed on them to protect cladding. Coatings are a great way of protective you coatings however you must ensure you have the right coating applied. This is because the UV light can cause fading, the head can also cause the panels to warp and bend out of position. We recommend looking at a coating company that can provide you with a long lasting warranty.

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Cladding explained

Cladding comes in many different materials including wood, aluminium, brick, vinyl and other metals. Materials can also have an impact in how your clean your cladding if you have cladding on the exterior of your building that is brick we recommend looking at purchasing a power washer, easy to reach areas can be cleaned and returned to their original colour with comfort.

Brick can also experience a large amount of algae build-up, which can be hard to get rid of, and in some cases can not be taken away with a blast cleaner. However you can look at steam jets, they work in a similar way to a jet wash, however, produce high-temperature steam which works well at removing any stubborn dirt or grime.

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Wood is a gorgeous way of creating the perfect exterior for your building. However, there is nothing worse than it looking great for a couple of years then all of a sudden its lost its colour and looks as though it completely needs replacing. While this is extremely costly and time-consuming, there are ways you can prevent them from doing this.

Wood is a natural material, which means it naturally contains some moisture which helps to make it structurally sound. However due to the way wood works when regularly exposed to the British weather changes it can often swell, shrink or warp and can even collect surrounding moisture from the humidity in the air. All of these damages contribute to it looking dirty, and old.

While wood may be hard for you to clean yourself, you may want to think about having cladding cleaning services by a specified contractor to ensure they are cleaned in the best possible way. You may also want to think about having the wood treated, this will hopefully prevent the wood from warping and shrinking, it will lock in the relevant moisture and prevent any additional moisture from entering the material.


Metals can be harder to wash, the last thing you want to do is either damage the finish or potentially cause unnecessary rusting. Metal surfaces can be softer and more porous than many people seem to realise, which is often why CJ Paint Spraying is called due to damage being caused by cleaning. If you have an aluminium exterior, this often doesn’t need cleaning but if you feel it necessary we recommend looking at specialist aluminium cleaners. A lot of other products can potentially tarnish the finish of the aluminium.

Alternatively, you can look at potentially coating our metal cladding. On site spraying and curtain walling are great ways of providing cladding with a protective layer.

Hand washing

Hand washing is probably one of the less popular options however it works well to remove the smallest pieces of dirt. If you are thinking about cleaning cladding, we always recommend starting off with a machine to help you clean otherwise it can potentially take you hours. If you are going to clean by hand ensure you have the right protective clothing including overalls, gloves and masks if you are using strong chemicals. We also suggest if you are going to wash do not use metal on metal, this is one of the easiest ways to cause damage to the finish of the metal. Use soft materials such as sponges and fibre cleaning mittens from Marine Super Store.


Cladding cleaning isn’t something we always think about but does need doing. Once cladding is installed, it will need maintaining from time to time, but it’s about how you go about it. Jet washing is a great way to remove any dirt an can often restore cladding back to its original colour. Steam washing is also a good way of removing those stubborn stains, dirt and grime, due to the heat it produces it can often make it easier to clean. Contractors are your other alternative; it will save you a lot of hassle and time. They will have all of the relevant tools and training to do so, and they will also ensure cladding is not damaged in the cleaning process. Alternatively, you can think about coatings, sometimes weather can cause materials to rust and fade. Coating is a great way of preventing weather damage and increasing the lifespan.

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