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5 Benefits of Roof Coating

Maintaining your commercial roof space is important at any time of the year, however, with the ever-changing English weather it is always important to stay on top of roof maintenance. If you neglect your commercial roofing, it will result in damages and inevitable increased repair costs. Consider these 5 benefits of roof coating to ensure your commercial property is in tip-top condition.

What are the 5 benefits of roof coating?

Of course, with every roof coating, the initial aim is to help improve the sustainability. Coatings enable ageing roofs to last longer and prevent damages and ongoing repairs. Roof coatings also allow your to make the appearance of your commercial property look more aesthetically pleasing. Our five benefits include; Increased roof life, reduced debris, increased efficiency, visual improvements and climate management.

Increased Roof Life

Having the correct roof coatings can contribute to prolonged roof life, even for the most aged and damaged roof spaces. You can see more information about commercial roof coatings here. Our workers can identify and restore the majority of damaged panels. However, it does rely on the condition of the remaining insulation.

By using a roof coating, you not only increase the roof life, but you are also adding layers of protection. Coatings on the market today provide a much higher level of performance in comparison to those made 20 years ago. They now help guard your roofing against a range of potential problems such as weathering and bird poo.

Reduced Debris

An old Facilities.Net article from 2012 discovered that 40% of construction waste that enters landfills comes from roofing debris. Another thing to think about with debris falling from your roofing is the safety aspect. If your roof is prone to having pieces of material falling off, it is imperative you consider having roof coating applied.

By coating a commercial roof at the right time, it can prevent the need for a full replacement and any additional construction waste. The roof coatings protect the material from harsh weather conditions and aim to prolong its lifetime.

Increased Efficiency

High-quality roof coatings have proven to increase building efficiency with regards to heating and energy bills. By coating the roof at the right time, the roof spaces can often see a decrease in temperature, which in turn results in heating bills to reduce during daytime hours. Not to mention it improves the employee comfort levels and morale!

Visual Improvements

Leaving an older, ageing and potentially dangerous roof untreated doesn’t look great. Commercial grade roof coatings ensure that your building’s roof space remains visually pleasing all year round.

There are a number of colours you can choose your roof coatings to be in which can help maintain the overall appearance of your property. If you are thinking of revamping the property because you have recently moved in or are changing the brand image, we recommend looking at having on site spraying as well as your roof coatings.

Climate Management

Commercial roof spaces handle a lot of adverse weather at the best of times – however, there is a limit to what they can withstand. Heat and UV lighting can have a significant effect on the roofing of commercial properties, with increased exposure membranes on the surface can be worn down, which eventually causes it to ages.

Eventually, leaving metal roofs to carry standing water will give way and cause a lot of damages, which is why we believe applying a protective coating should be one of your top priorities. Another aspect to think about is in overall polluted towns and cities your commercial premises may be exposed to acid rain. It can have a rather damaging effect on your property, especially if left on the metal work for long periods of time, while we are talking about roofing, we also highly recommend you check your pipes as they can be exposed to corrosion. Coating the roof can improve the insulation and decrease the chances of serious corrosion.

Why choose CJ Paint Spraying?

Here at CJ Paint Spraying, we have a couple of teams across the UK who are highly trained in dealing with roof coatings. We understand all health and safety needs to be taken into consideration along with improving the overall aesthetic of your roofing. We pride ourselves on holding relationships with many roofing manufacturers, which means we are highly informed on the best coatings for your roof material.

All of our staff hold all relevant qualifications which allow them to access difficult areas; they are also able to use lifting equipment. We have tried and tested a range of roof coatings systems which is why we are so good at what we do; we know which ones work best for certain materials. CJ Paint Spraying work on a range of materials including metal, cement fibre, asbestos and asphalt roofing, we understand that some of the materials can be dangerous to use however we are highly trained in dealing with them.

We also offer a warranty on a range of our coatings, if you would like more information get in touch with a member of our dedicated team through email:

Why should I have a roof coating?

If you are considering a roof coating, we highly recommend getting a professional to complete the work. Using a coating for any material roof will dramatically increase the life of your roofing. The protective elements in the coating prevent your roof from corroding at a quicker rate compared to how it normally would. You will also notice the colour of your roofing improves massively which also help your business maintain its professional image.

Here in the UK, we are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions. A lot of the weather our commercial properties are exposed to have corrosive elements such as acid rain. Metal is one of the worst materials for experiencing corrosions through acid rain, which is why roof coating is so essential. If you would like more information on the effects of acid rain we recommend taking a read of Impacts of Acid Rain on Buildings

Why Our On Site Coatings?

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