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How bird droppings can affect paintwork

When it comes to external paint one of the main things we have no control over is when a bird decides to relieve itself all over your commercial property. Bird droppings can have a significant impact on the way your outer building fades and corrodes, here we tell you all about the effects and a few different ways you can protect your coatings.

How do bird droppings cause corrosion?

Birds biology is slightly different from those of a mammal; birds do not have a bladder which means they produce their liquid and solid waste together. For a bird to effectively decompose solid waste it creates its own uric acid, the acid created is a relatively high level which reaches pH levels between 3 to 4.5.

A high concentration of acid can be damaging to the top layer of the paintwork especially if not dealt with in a swift manner. The acid reacts with natural hydrocarbons in the air which over time breaks down the paint finish. If leftover long periods of time you could be experiencing more than corrosion, many commercial properties that do not adequately take care of maintenance have experienced other issues such as leaks. There are also other factors we do need to take into consideration as well as bird droppings such as air pollution and weather. The weather here in the UK can have a significant effect on the way your paintwork looks. An increase in rainfall and bird droppings can speed up the process of corrosion and damage, especially if the rainfall is more acid based. It is more common to have acid rains in areas of the UK where it is overly polluted such as towns, cities or built-up areas.

Why might I be experiencing so much of it?

Unlike residential areas you might not always be able to see where you have birds nest, in some cases, it can be hard to get under control. If you find you are experiencing a high volume of bird droppings you may want to think about getting in a pest control company such as Rentokil, who will be able to give you the correct advice on the best way to stop unwanted pests from returning.

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What are the different solutions for bird droppings

As a commercial property, it isn’t always easy to go around the building cleaning each area everytime you get bird droppings. We highly recommend getting a professional company to come in for blast cleaning services. It is one of the best ways to remove any tough or unwanted dirt deposits from commercial premises. You will want to book this in every couple of months, the longer you leave it, the more likely it is to cause a significant amount of damage.

Regular inspections are a great way of ensuring it is not occurring to often, you may want to think about carrying out monthly or quarterly checks. The cost of cleaning and maintenance is far less than having to replace the panels altogether.

Where is most affected by bird droppings?

Commercial properties are large and often take the brunt of bird droppings. Not only can bird droppings affect the external of your building physically but also aesthetically, which can have an effect on the impact your business gives off to customers, clients and new employees.

Two of the main areas affected by your commercial property is the roofing and wall cladding. Over time bird droppings will not only eat away at the paintwork but will also cause corrosion. Paintwork covering a metal surface is more likely to be affected by bird droppings compared to brick walls, this is because metals are more likely to rust and delaminate. If your paintwork is constantly exposed to bird droppings without maintenance, you will find it dramatically decreases the life expectancy.

Guttering is also another aspect of the building you will need to think about if bird droppings are consistently clogging up gutters it can cause a variety of problems such as corrosions and long-term damage to the inside of the guttering which will only result in replacement. Gutter cleaners are a great way to stay on top of maintenance, if you get in touch with a fully qualified contractor they will be able to remove any dirt leaving guttering looking brand new.

As well as larger commercial properties there are also other aspects of your building which may be affected by bird droppings are window frames, storefronts and canopies. Other things that may be susceptible to bird droppings are gardens and cars. If you find yourself in an area with a significant amount of bird droppings you will want to shield any vehicles owned by the company. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a car cover.

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How do I rejuvenate my paintwork?

Bird dropping damage is salvageable and it doesn’t talk a lot to make your business or commercial property look a million times better. Staying on top of regular cleaning is always the first place to start, you will then want to think about repairing any of the damage that may have been caused. On site repair is far cheaper than replacing the whole piece of cladding, by getting in touch with the right company like CJ Paint Spraying we only repair the parts that are damaged.

On site spraying is also a great way to add a layer of protection, unlike standard paint many of the coatings we use have a range of protective chemicals in them to prevent from increased fading and corrosion.

Make sure your commercial property looks tip top!

Bird droppings can be a right pain at the best of times, and if left over time they can cause a significant amount of damage. We highly recommend having a regular maintenance schedule to reduce the risk of rust, corrosion and fading of any of the cladding surrounding your commercial property. With a number of maintenance upgrades, you will notice your commercial property not only looks fresh and vibrant but will make your business stand out amongst others.

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