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Increase customers by improving car showroom appearance

Car dealership owners will invest a significant amount of money and time into ensuring their showroom looks as good as it possibly can. If they are selling a specific brand of car, it is even more imperative their car showroom reflects the vehicle itself. Here we tell you how you increase customers by simply improving the way you car showroom looks and appeals.

How can I improve my car showroom?

Image is highly important in the automotive industry, so ensuring your car showroom is in tip-top condition is going to be one of your top priorities. As a shopper many of us are attracted by stores or brands that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this also goes for showrooms. If they are gleaming and have a fresh but luxurious vibe to them, customers are more likely going to step foot in the door to have a look.

Customers spend a great deal of time looking at vehicles, they often deliberate for hours over which cars to purchase. So you can only imagine the importance of your showroom’s appearance, do you have a seating area? Are your floors shining? Is it bright enough for customers to see all features of the vehicle? These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

What should I do to make my showroom more aesthetically pleasing?

First things first, we always recommend starting from the inside out. Most interior walls of car showrooms are cladding panels which can be coated in a number of ways to make them more visually appealing. On site paint spraying is an excellent way of capturing new audiences to your showroom, it can instantly bring vibrancy to your interiors.

Curtain Walling

A lot of car dealerships also hold a vast amount of glass so cars can be viewed as people pass. Many of it has curtain walling which can often look tired or old if not tended to regularly. By simply touching it up with curtain walling and window coatings you can make them look brand new. Another thing to think about is the safety of the windows, with regular maintenance you will make the curtain walling last longer, coatings used by most contractors prevent the window edges from corroding.

Entrance Doors

Door entrance is also another thing to think about, where and how are your customer entering your store? Are they coming through an automatic sliding door or revolving door? Either way, you will want the entrance to look the best it can, as this will be one of the first places customers get the impression of your car dealership. If it is all tatty, dented and scraped, you can only imagine the impression it gives off. If it has a canopy of facade above it, you may want to think of recoating it. If you have recently relocated to a new premises, you may also want to think about changing the colour of the entrance doors and facade to match your branding colours using facade coating services.

Interior Furnishings

Interior furnishings are another place to start recoating, many on site spraying business will spray other metal furniture if you ask. We always recommend asking the contractor who is doing your interior refurb to spray furniture, so you have everything done in one place. Interior doors, desks and other metal materials can all be sprayed with either powder coating or airless spraying.


Signage is also another thing to think about, is your brand logo looking revived and fresh? A good logo can do wonders for car showrooms; if you are a stand-alone store, you may want to think about rebranding your business if it is seeing a significantly low footfall. A simple change of colour can do wonders; your business may not be portraying the right message with the colours you have chosen. If you would like more information on the different colours of logos we recommend taking a look of our most recent article on Choosing signage and logo colours

Exterior Cladding Panels

After you have chosen the colours of your signage, you are going to want to respray the exterior of your car showroom. How many times have you made an opinion of a place from the exterior of their property? Everyone does it even when they do not mean to, so redecorating the exterior is of high importance. Make sure you choose a coating company that provides a lengthy guarantee, so you can be sure the coating will look perfect over the course of a couple of years.

If your property is looking slightly tired, cladding spraying is an excellent way of giving it a new lease of life. Coatings are also a great way of dramatically increasing the lifespan of each cladding panels.

Roof coatings

Roof coatings are great for increasing the lifespan of your roof, as well as making it safer. You will notice an increase in efficiency in the building with new coatings. The roof coatings can often see a decrease in temperature which means your building is not going to lose as much heat.

Why should I redecorate your car showroom?

Anthony Davison founder of Big Barn stated in the Telegraph you should always look at your property from the pavement and get the customers view. Think to yourself would you really shop here based on its appearance. If not you may want to take a couple of the steps we mentioned to ensure an increase in customer footfall. The exterior of your building is extremely important to take great care when redoing it, make sure you have highly qualified contractors attend site to conduct your on site spraying.

When it comes to the interiors they are also just as important; you want the showroom to reflect your businesses brand so keep it in mind when you decide to refurbish it. Think about the intricate detail you want to go into the design of your showroom, at the end of the day you want to wow the socks off of your customers.

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