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Reasons To Get Cladding Repairs?

If you own an industrial, metalised building and it is starting to look dirty, dishevelled and dusty. There are many ways to enhance the look of the building, using only the highest quality repair and maintenance services. We are going to explain the top reasons to get cladding repairs and why it is so important.

What are cladding repairs?

Have you ever walked past a supermarket, or a big industrial building and ever thought that it looks dirty and old? That is where Roofing and Cladding Services come into place as it can provide you with a fresh new look to your building. Jet washes and cleaning also helps ensure that the exterior of the building is kept to a high level as well as giving it a prestigious look to match the brand of the business.


One of the first things many of your clients or customers will notice will be the exterior of your commercial property; it can leave them with, so you are going to want it to be a good one. There are a number of reasons to why the exterior cladding can look old and tired. One of the biggest causes of cladding deterioration is the weather. Here in the UK, we experience a significant amount of adverse weather, one day you can go from having 23-degree heat to 10 degrees with rain. Cladding is exposed to the elements and if not regularly maintained can need replacing which could cost you a small fortune especially if it is the whole exterior of your commercial property.

If you’re trying to promote a brand, you want the exterior of your property to have a sophisticated look. On site spraying can do wonders for the branding of your business if your recently rebranding or merely looking to update the exterior cladding it is an excellent way of doing so. Here at CJ coatings we also offer an in-house colour matching service which allows us to make the colour you want rather than you having to settle for second best. This also comes in handy when you are trying to be consistent with branding colours, simply provide us with a sample and we can match the colour.

Cut edge corrosion

Before cladding is sent out to installers, it is coated with a plastic coating which helps prevent it from corrosions. When cladding panels are applied to the exterior of your commercial property, it is usually the incorrect size which means the fitters have to cut the panels down to ensure they fit correctly. Once the panels have been cut so is the plastic coating, this plastic coating is then not reapplied at any stage which leaves the edges exposed, which is why you get cut edge corrosion.

Cut edge corrosion can often have a damaging effect on the premises. If left too long there may be sections of the cladding panels that are no longer salvageable which may mean it requires a complete refit. However, if there are sections of the cladding panels which can be repaired rather than replaced call an cladding panel repair contractor, they will be able to repair the panels as well as spraying them back the original colour.

By spraying cut edge corrosion, you are helping the panels lifespan and increasing the safety of your commercial property. With regular maintenance, you are also less likely to experience other issues such as leaking and birds nests.

Flaking and bubbling paint

Many of the damages to the paint on your cladding panels are often due to preventative measures not being taken beforehand. There is nothing worse than spending hours painting panels to come back our or days later to realise there is blistering, bubbling or flaking.

Blistering is when the top coat of paint comes away from the layer underneath, in some cases, it can also be multiple layers of paint that come away from the cladding panels. Cladding specialist should be fully aware that if the material is damp or wet before the application process, it is very likely that blistering will occur. When painting any material, it should always be reasonably dry before application as this allows the paint to adhere to the surface efficiently.

Flaking or cracking often happens when there are too many coats being applied to the same surface or the surface was to dirty for the paint to successfully adhere. Before applying any paint including primers cladding panels should always be washed down beforehand. When it comes to painting the cladding panels contractors always have to ensure that the paintwork is thoroughly dry before adding another coat. If you would like more information on why paint flakes give Dulux a read.


Rust normally formulates on cladding panels due to a reaction between oxygen and water. If left untreated you may find that the rust eats away at the metal panels resulting in cladding disintegration. Not only can it damage the aesthetics of your commercial property but it can also have an effect on whether the building is structurally sound. There are a number of treatments you can have applied to the cladding panels to help prevent this type of damage. Repairs may also need to be made to ensure the structure of the property is safe.

Why repair instead of replace?

Replacing cladding panels is not always essential, yes, you may have some that are severely damaged which may mean repairing is impossible. However, we believe most cladding panels can be repaired!

Repairing cladding panels is far cheaper than replacing them if you have large areas of cladding panels that may need a little work you won’t end up being too out of pocket. With regular maintenance you can dramatically increase the lifespan of your panels, this means there is less disruption to work as you are not having the whole building replaced.


We always recommend staying on top of your cladding panels, if you think they are deteriorating do not leave them. With a repair and respray, you might be surprised at how new they look. You can check out a range of our cladding repairs and resprays by clicking here.

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“We have used CJ Paint Spraying a couple of times for on site spraying services along with repairs to our external cladding. All of the work they have completed for us has been spot on! It always looks brand new, and the teams are friendly and professional, we couldn't recommend enough.”

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