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Spray Painting Techniques

Spray Painting Techniques for Professionals On Site

As national specialists for commercial building spraying, we have developed and perfected a number of spray painting techniques to use while on site. This week’s article discusses those specialised techniques and how we put them into action while completing an on-site spraying project.

Spray Painting Considerations

Now before you start your project, no matter how big or small. There are a number of considerations to make before any work can begin. The four most important things to consider are Gun Distance, Strokes, Speed and Triggering.

Gun Distance

When you are carrying-out on-site paint spraying it’s important to maintain a consistent distance between the spray gun and the work surface. In most circumstances, a distance of approximately eight inches will be suitable.

However, if you are working with an HVLP spray gun, you will find that you will need to get slightly closer, between six and seven inches will usually be enough. This helps prevent paint sags and any form of dry spraying.


Ensuring that you stroke correctly is vital. Making sure that you get this correct can be the difference between a professional and an amateur looking finish.

During any spraying project we complete, we also encourage our professional paint sprayers to use their machines/spray guns at right angles.

Once they begin work, they will be spraying full straight, horizontal paint strokes between two and three feet in length. Using this spray painting technique, we encourage the technicians to use their body while at work, swaying with the spray gun while applying the paint. Ultimately you want the paint to have an even finish with no distinct lines.

Spray Gun Speed

This is arguably one of, if not, the most important of your on-site spray painting techniques. The speed of which you apply and spray the paint to the surface is crucial. It should remain at a consistent speed that provides a full coat to the surface with each individual stroke. This becomes hugely important during the store front coatings we complete as the final finish could be the be all and end all of the store’s initial image for passing customers.


Like the guns, you see in the Hollywood movies, the triggers on the spray guns we use to control the guns initial spraying action. Our on-site and in-house coating technicians will generally look to use the trigger at the beginning and the end of each spraying stroke, feathering the paint across the surface, looking to avoid paint sags and double coatings.


When it comes to on site spraying, it is all well and good to know the exact techniques you should be using, but there are also a number of protection methods you must use to help achieve the best finish.

You should protect all of the areas that do not need spraying; this will mean ensuring there are tight seals around those protected areas. The last thing you want is for the paint to seep into these areas and making the lines look uneven.

You will also need to ensure you have the right signage up. One of the most annoying things to happen as a painter is for someone to touch the wet paint making it uneven or taking the paint off completely. You may also want to put signs up to protect people as paints can be hazardous. We recommend taking a look at Safety Sign Supplies.


We have seen a number of contractors not wearing the right clothing when it comes to spraying. A lot of people do not realise how harmful paints can be to the human body. Paint has vapours which are known as volatile organic compounds which evaporate while the paint is in the drying process. These chemicals can be damaging to the health of people around the painted areas if they have been inhaled. If the vapours are consumed in large amounts there are a number of health issues that can occur such as hallucinations, distorted perceptions or even personality changes – these types of systems are usually only short term. However, there are also long-term effects such as internal organ damage, heart attack or in more extreme cases death.

One of the best ways to protect your on site spraying team is to ensure they are wearing the right clothing and protective gear. We always ensure all of our teams are fully equipped for any job and this includes the clothes they wear. Each team member should always be wearing a protective mask, even if they are not spraying. You can pick up a range of different protective masks from Protective Masks Direct, you should ensure mouths, nose and eyes are covered. Some masks will also go over the eyes if not you can purchase each member of your team googles.

As a manager, you should also be checking to see if each member of the team is wearing gloves. Solvents can cause damage to skin as they can create itching or cracked skin so, it is paramount each team member is fully dressed this means arms and legs covered as well as covering hands.

Paint Spraying Recap

Overall, unless you are an experienced on-site spray painter, we would always encourage you to seek the advice and skill of a professional. After all, you wouldn’t want your home or business looking “shoddy” and like an amateur had completed the work. Your business image is everything, and it could be the difference between securing that hugely beneficial contract and just missing out.

All of our on-site technicians use a range of spray painting techniques to ensure a consistent and high standard across all of the projects that we complete. Each team member has also completed their ICATS training which allows them to work on any site.

We are strict on what techniques our team members use as well as the protection they use on each project. We ensure the job is completed correctly and put no one is at harm during any job.

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