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Exterior paint colour mistakes to avoid

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, commercial building or shopfront, you need to think about the colours you use. The last thing you want is to spend vast amounts of money on a colour that either looks too obtrusive or simply portrays the wrong image. Here we discuss the different exterior paint colours you should avoid.

What exterior paint colours should I give a miss?

There are a fair few mistakes you can make when it comes to choosing a colour for your external cladding or commercial building. Brands have made mistakes in the past where the colour of their commercial property has an effect on customer retention and brand image.

Colour scheme

Taking the time to think about colour schemes is essential, not only should you be taking into consideration the logo and colour scheme of branding collateral but you should also take into consideration the colours and architecture around you.

A lot of people today are embracing colour and the effects it has on people in specific industries, colours are rooted deep within us, this means that when we see a colour, we automatically think of a brand, product or service. To find out more about what colours mean and why you should choose them we recommend taking a read of our article on Choosing signage and logo colours.

Yellow Warehouse

Check your surroundings

Sticking out like a sore thumb might be your thing, it can work for certain businesses, take the Big Yellow Storage company as an example. The branding and exterior colours mean as a consumer you know exactly who they are as soon as you see them even if you have not seen their logo. Depending on what kind of service and product you provide this might be the perfect way of choosing a colour.

However, if this is not for you take in your surrounding and see how others have painted the exterior of their commercial property. Ask local businessmen to see what colour they have painted their commercial properties. If your commercial unit or property is located within a specific area, you might be obliged to paint the exterior of your commercial building a particular colour.

You choose a colour you like rather than works

Different colours help portray a brand message. If your storefront, for instance, is a high-end brand, you will most likely want to use colours such as black, grey and sivers. These colours all showcase sophistication and elegance. If you are a toy store, you might be more inclined to go for orange, blue and reds to grab the attention of a younger audience.

You should not be choosing a colour just because you like it, take time and consideration about how you wish your store to appeal to consumers. Think about the message you are trying to give off and the type of customers you would like to target. If you have not noticed before you will now, a storefront says a lot about the brand and the nicer it looks from the outside, the more likely you are to walk into. If the exterior looks dated or faded you are less likely to go in as the inside is more likely than not going to be the same.

Look for a colour matching company

If you are looking for a specific colour, we always recommend not going for those you can purchase off the shelf. If you have external cladding, you will want a cladding company that can provide a colour matching service. CJ Paint Spraying provide colour matching as we want our customers to get the colour they really want. The best part about colour matching is, if you do wish to match the colour to your branding then this is the best way to do so. The colour stays consistent and vibrant throughout every aspect of the building.

What exterior paint colours should I use?

White & grey

If you want to keep your commercial property subtle and sophisticated, you may want to consider going for a shade of white, or grey. White is normally the first choice for many as it can help keep the building cool in the heat of summer. It also provides the premises with a clean, fresh look, however, what many people forget to think about is the maintenance of white paint. Over time white exteriors can become dirty and dull, therefore looking tired. If white paint is not attended to on a regular basis, you are more likely then not going to need to respray the exterior of your property a lot sooner which can cost you a small fortune. If you are thinking about painting your exterior white, we highly recommend finding a contractor who can provide cladding cleaning services.

If you are looking to keep the exterior of your property as low maintenance as possible a shade of grey is one of the best colours you can go for. Grey has taken off in both interior and exterior design over the past couple of years. Depending on how dark the grey is, it can be an excellent way of showcasing elegance as well as making a strong statement. To choose the best tone of grey for your commercial property make sure you take in the surrounding features and architecture. When it comes to grey one of the best recommendations we can make is to test the colour on both the north and south of the building as this will give you a good indication to what the colour looks like under different natural lighting.

Door Frame Respray

Why think about colour

Colour is extremely important to every aspect of your commercial property. From logo design to exterior cladding, the one thing you want to do is look good for customers, clients and external visitors. If you are unsure on what colours to use we recommend taking a look at How to Pick a Paint Color Combination for a Commercial Building Exterior. If you are thinking about respraying a commercial property ensure you have the right company who will take your needs and specifications.

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