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How To Spruce Up Your Commercial Building

As summer is now in full swing and everyone is out and about enjoying the sun, it’s more important than ever to look at your commercial building. Keeping up with regular maintenance can do wonders for the exterior of our premises and here we discuss just some of the reasons why!

What are the different areas of a commercial building that need maintaining?

  • Curtain walling
  • Entrance doors
  • Facade
  • Floor coatings
  • Shop fronts
  • Roof sheet coatings
  • Landscaping

Curtain walling

Curtain walling on a commercial building is often affected by British weather which can have a dramatic effect on the way they look and the effect it can have on the aesthetic of the building. With faded curtain walling your building can look tired and outdated quickly. A great way to boost the exterior of your commercial property is through curtain wall spraying services , it can make a huge difference to the appearance of your building. Not only is curtain wall spraying great for sprucing up the windows but you can also change the colour if you want to, giving your commercial property a completely different look and feel.

Here at CJ Paint Spraying we regularly visit many different industries such as car dealerships, supermarkets and commercial properties. After speaking with them after repairing their curtain walling many of them have noted that their footfall had increased because the exterior of their building looked professional and fresh rather than outdated.

Entrance doors

Entrance doors are a bit like curtain walling and are often one of the first things a new customer, client or employee will see when they walk into your commercial building. The last thing you want to do is leave them with the wrong impression that you are not bothered by the image of your business.

You want to leave a positive lasting impression, rather than negative and unimpressed. By updating your entrance doors, you are creating a more welcoming environment. Unfortunately, due to the constant use of entrance doors day in day out, they are more likely to have a little wear and tear. It can be easy to knock doors with belongings as you pass, which over time, causes a significant amount of damage. Keeping on top of maintenance including repairs and resprays is essential.


Many site managers have facade installed onto their commercial building to give it a little something different. At times it can be a contrasting colour that matches branding collateral others it can be a more subtle colour.

Facade is the centre point of many buildings look and design. With regular facade spraying, you can improve not only the aesthetic of your structure but also the lifespan of the panels.

Floor coatings

If you are in charge of a commercial building that has a rather large footfall the condition of your floor coatings can have a dramatic decline. This is one of the main coating maintenance task many people tend to forget about.

When it comes to floor coating service, you don’t have to have the whole floor coated if it’s unnecessary and con opt for just a particular part to redecorate.

Shop front

Making your shop front appealing is one of the most important parts of your business especially when you are among other stores. Many people will look at the exterior store before they go in, the impression your shop front gives off is significant. We always recommend every ten years to have shop front coatings, not only can it help with the appearance but it can also make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are a retail store on the high street or standalone much like other cladding or panels, you can be prone to weathering which can also have an effect on the state of your store. Unfortunately the weather we experience here in the UK, you can be a victim of weathering which includes fading and potential cracking of cladding paint. Much of the rain we receive has acids that can drain the colour from your shop front.

Shop front spraying services are great for not only improving the aesthetic of your property but can be worth doing if you are thinking about having a rebrand.

Roof sheet coating

As one of the largest areas on your property that takes the brunt of the weather, roof sheets can deteriorate and corrode quickly. If left over time, this can cause a significant amount of damage to your commercial property. Roof coatings are not only great for giving your roof a new lease of life, but can also be beneficial to increase the overall lifespan.

Roof coatings work in a way that protects the metal sheets from eroding. There is a range of roof systems that need coatings every so often, and these include metal cladding roofs, asbestos roofs, cement fibre roofs and asphalt roofs.


Landscape maintenance is vital for complimenting the hard work you put into keeping the exterior panels of your building in tip-top condition. Overgrown hedges, trees or bushes not only cause safety hazards, but also creates an unwelcoming, dingy first impression. Well-kept, presentable greenery creates the impression that your business cares and takes pride in their appearance, making an overall more friendly and trustworthy feel. Landscape maintenance ranges from weeding and shrub pruning to jet washing and litter removal. You can opt for a one-off job to give your exterior a new lease of life, or alternatively create an annual schedule.


Sprucing up your commercial building can be extremely beneficial. Updating both the exterior and interior of your premises can give it a new lease of life as well as improving the footfall into your business. You want to leave a long-lasting, positive impression on people who visit your commercial building and with outdated, faded or simply damaged parts of your property won’t have that effect. Maintaining a neat, tidy and visually appealing appearance doesn’t have to be a prolonged task, with an organised schedule and a little help from professionals, it will be easy!

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