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Why have commercial on site spraying in summer

There are many reasons why you should have on site spraying services completed in summer, one of the most significant benefits being the weather of course.

Perfect weather for on site spraying

As many of you will know the summertime provides us with the perfect conditions to perform on site spraying on commercial properties. Spray painting outside isn’t a job that can be done at any point in the year as the weather will have a massive impact on the way it drys, finishes and the overall application process.

In order for your commercial property to have the best finish possible, the weather needs to be cooperative. The ideal climate for on site spraying is dry, warm weather with minimal dampness and humidity.

Winter and Autumn usually pose as a small risk for on site spraying as there is such fluctuation in weather conditions, one minute it could be dry and then the next it could be torrential rain. With a lot of moisture in the air and constant rain, it can often be harder for the paint to adhere to the cladding surface.

Why are cold temperatures bad for paint

Colder temperatures affect both the application and drying times of the paint. The viscosity of the paint is affected in colder temperatures which means it becomes a lot thicker, in some cases, you may find yourself having to add paint thinners to the coatings which is not ideal.

Surface temperature can vary from different areas on the same structure of a commercial property. If the weather is rather volatile, it can dramatically affect the overall drying time of the paint making it very unpredictable. Unfortunately, another side effect of painting in cold weather is cracking of paint surface. This is something we do not face too often, but if the weather is really cold, the paint can crack. As the paint drys at different times you could also experience different colour variations across the cladding panels, even more so if you are having on site repair.

If you are looking to apply a gloss coat in colder weather, the gloss can often become dull during application. It can also blush, this is where condensation appears on the top layer of paint leaving a slight dew effect.

Spraying in winter

In freezing conditions your spraying gun may be more inclined to freeze, meaning no paint can exit from the gun. As we mentioned earlier, because the gun is more likely to get clogged in winter this can often affect the colour, therefore leaving it ununiform.

Why have on site spraying in summer?

Well, one thing which many people do not think about when booking contractors to perform on site spraying is that during summer months we have longer days which means teams can work longer. With teams on site for more hours it means we can get the job done quickly and efficiently, this means businesses are not disturbed, and work can carry on as normal.

Depending on the size of your project and commercial property on site spraying can take anywhere up to a couple of days to around six weeks. So booking in during the summer will allow your projects to be over and done within no time.

Less likely to experience paint issues

Unlike winter the weather is slightly warmer, and the air is dryer during the summer months which means the paint is more likely to dry evenly.

With moisture and excess dirt and grime from severe weather, you can experience a number of problems such as bubbling and flaking. Bubbling occurs when the top layer of paint comes away from the layer underneath, in some cases, you may find multiple layers start to peel away. This happens typically when there is trapped moisture between the two layers, or the top coat has dried much quicker than the one underneath it. Flaking occurs when the paint dries too quickly or freezes while drying.

Damp equals damage

When the weather is damp and dull outside cladding panels can become damaged. Erosion is a common problem that occurs during the damper months of the year. Which is why when it comes to summer not only should you consider on site spraying but also on site repair.

In a wet and humid climate metal cladding is more likely to form rust. Rust forms from a chemical reaction between water and oxygen. With the right coatings, you can prevent the rate of corrosion, which means you, therefore, prolong the lifespan of the cladding panels. We always recommend having this type of coating applied during the summer so; your commercial property is well prepared for the winter.

What other services are better to have in summer?

  • Shop Front Coatings – Aluminium and steel work is much better coated in the summer as it allows for the coatings to be applied evenly, providing a top quality finish. Shop front coatings can normally be completed within a day during the summer months or even during an evening depending on the size of your store which therefore means there is minimal disruption to business.
  • Roof Coatings – Over the winter roof sheets take a considerable amount from the weather, which means they are often tired and damaged. By having roof sheet coatings during the summer not only does it prepare you for winter, but it means you will have no problems with deterioration throughout the year.
  • Curtain Wall Cladding Spraying – Curtain walling can often become faded as they are exposed to the British elements. Keeping on top of maintenance during the summer months provides your curtain walling with vibrancy.

Cladding on site spraying during summer

Summer is a perfect time if you are looking to have any on site spraying services completed on your commercial property. Not only is the weather great but it also means you can get the best out of your coatings such as perfect finishes and projects completed on time if not before schedule. As days are longer, it means operatives can spend longer on site which allows them to get the job completed efficiently with minimal disruption to your working day.

Having your on site spraying done in summer means you are less likely to have any issues with the contractor. For example in specific temperatures during winter we simply cannot work because the spray guns freeze as soon as you start to paint. The coating cannot always be applied if it is chucking it down with rain as it will not adhere correctly.

If you’re looking to get your commercial property resprayed, you may want to think about doing it in summer!

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