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Effects of seaside locations

Living and working beside the seaside can be a real treat at times, however, in other seasons the seaside can cause many damages to your external property. Here we tell you about all the effects of seaside locations on your commercial properties.

Seaside locations

Living beside the seaside is risky business, there are many dangers you encounter such as flooding and harsh weather conditions. However, you are also faced with calm, serenity and a beautiful view. Not to mention if your business is all about importing or exporting you are more than likely in the best location to do so.

Unpredictable elements

Water is very unpredictable. Here in the UK our coastal towns and villages have taken a massive hit in regards to storms, tidal surges and floods. To ensure this does not happen to commercial properties, buildings need to be made to ensure they are resilient to this kind of natural hazard. Infrastructure also needs to be able to cope with the unpredictability of the water.

Coastal areas are renowned for being a witness to high winds and stormy weather. If not well built, the likelihood of your commercial property lasting is slim to none. Buildings that are using strong wind resistant materials such as metal cladding are likely to last and be able to withstand the weather and storm damage. One of the worst materials that can be used for roofing systems in these areas is roof tiles. Through the years there has been a number of damaged properties and vehicles where roof tiles have been ripped away and lost. It is also an extreme health and safety hazard to those surrounding the building.

With strong winds, commercial buildings can experience a range of problems such as fading and corroding cladding panels. Therefore it is paramount you have a specialist contractor attend for regular on site spraying maintenance.

Rising sea levels

It estimated that the sea level rises every year by around 3mm per year. Which may not seem like a lot, however, year on year people are noticing a significant difference in the water rates especially when it comes to flooding.

Unfortunately, a massive impact your commercial property will experience is the increase in your property insurance. It is not always the case, as some insurers want you to stay with them as long as possible so they may not raise your premiums. But as a more affected area and in a risky location make sure you are ready for the price increase.

One thing we would say is make sure you are prepared for a flood, sometimes they are completely, but there are a few things you can put in place to reduce the cost of having to fix everything after. Have the flooring as tiles or sealed flooring, this way you do not have to lift and remove expensive carpets throughout the building. Raise all electrical sockets as high as possible; this can be a real health and safety risk when it comes to flooding.


Dampness is a real issue when it comes to coastal locations. To prevent dampness from coming inside your commercial properties, there are a few things you are going to want to do.

First things first, you are going to want to ensure you have the right kind of roofing system. Roof sheet systems are a great way of protecting your commercial property as it prevents dampness and water from high winds and storm from being able to enter. If you already have a roofing system in place, you may want to consider roof sheet coating systems which help protect the building even more, as they are both durable and reliable.

You will then want to ensure the exterior of the commercial property is as well sealed as possible. Metal cladding panels are a great way of shielding your commercial property from the harsh weather conditions of being located beside the seaside. To ensure the building is warm and damp does not make its way inside, you will need to have the building well insulated. A great company for insulation which will help against dampness is EWI Store.

Coastal corrosion

A natural hazard living by the coast is coastal erosions. This is something we always recommend looking at if you are considering putting your commercial property beside the coast. Solution is a real issue when it comes to commercial buildings being beside the sea; this is when acids from the ocean water break down certain rocks. Rocks most affected are chalk and limestone, both of which are used as building materials.

There are also many other forms of corrosion that can have a detrimental effect on your commercial property. While there is corrosion occurring in the natural surroundings around you. Your commercial property can also take a massive hit, with large amounts of adverse weather your external property can face a range of problems, which if not dealt with in a timely manner can cost you thousands in the long run. To prevent your commercial property from having any corrosion issues, we highly recommend having a steel coatings specialist come and assess your commercial property, to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Long term

If you are considering putting your commercial property near the ocean think about it long term. 50 years down the line will your building be under water? This is a serious problem when it comes to coastal locations. Unfortunately, with the way the climate is going, you never know if your commercial property could be in the water.

Why be careful near the coast

Living or working near the coast is great fun, however, they are not always the safest places to be. With the rise of the ocean and the risk of flooding your commercial property can be at risk.

There are a couple of preventative measures which you can put in place to ensure your business is kept dry and clean. For example, having the right roofing systems and external cladding panels.

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