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When Is It Time For A Commercial Refurbishment

There are many different reasons why you may want to think about an office refurbishment. If you have recently merged with another organisation you may need more space for new employees; a refurbishment will allow you to maximise the area and make the office space more attractive to prospective clients and new employees. Your current commercial property may be looking a little outdated or disorganised. If you are looking to hold board meetings and have important people within the business visit your site, it may be time to think about a commercial refurbishment.

When should I think about a commercial refurbishment

There are a few things you need to consider before doing a commercial refurbishment. The biggest one of them all is budget; there is no point in starting something you may not be able to finish due to money restrictions. You will also want to think about how will it benefit the business, are you doing it because you just want to, or is it something that will bring your organisation great value.

Commercial refurbishments are often decided upon when a business’s brand is not being expressed in the way they had hoped. Traditionally, branding has generally been about what your logo looks like, colours you choose, and websites, but this is not always the case anymore. The branding and sophistication of your commercial property can often make you stand out to your competitors, help add value to what you are offering, and last but not least help engagement with customers.

Improving productivity is continuously on the mind of business owners, and one of the best ways to increase it is by providing staff with a creative and moral boosting office space. Many people do not realise the effects of good lighting, office design, and the impact it can have on the productivity of staff. So, if your employees are looking a little lacklustre, you may want to consider an office refurb to get the most out of your staff.

Making a commercial refurbishment checklist

As you are about to embark on a rather large project its imperative to have a checklist, this will mean nothing is missed, and every step is taken with care. Before making your checklist, there are a few things that may have to be completed first such as deliberating over designs, colour schemes and where you want each employee to sit. However, once this has all been chosen, you will want to go ahead with choosing what should go on your checklist.

Colour Matching

What should I consider for my commercial refurbishment?

Exterior cladding

People often assume a refurbishment only means the inside of a property, but this is not always the case. Depending on what you want your business to achieve you may want to consider looking at refurbishing the exterior of your commercial property.

If you are looking to improve the external cladding or looking to update the colour, you may want to think about having on site spraying services. Not only does it improve the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building but it also enhances the overall lifespan of your cladding panels. Which means in the long run, you will not have to pay out to have the panels replaced.

Internal construction

Many offices spaces do not always work for the type of team or workplace, so to make your employees as productive as possible you may want to think about internal construction to get to most out of your office space. It will also give you the opportunity to give the office a new design, with quiet rooms for staff members, new meeting rooms and even a communal area where staff can mix and enjoy their lunch hour.

Not only is cladding used for the external aspects of your commercial property but it is also used for internal partitions. Not only are they great for adding a different design to the interior of your office or commercial unit, but they are a great way of dividing the office into specific areas. You can also get larger cladding panels which can move depending on how you want the rooms designed. All of which can have paint spraying to give it a fresh up to date look.

Panel Spraying Warwick


Plumbing is an essential aspect of any property which you will want to work to the best of its ability with no issues. Having a commercial plumber make any repairs or even complete plumbing retrofits is essential to your building refurbishment.


When it comes to office refurbishments the likelihood of putting in old furniture is slim to none. So, you will want to find yourself good quality office pieces which will last years but still look gorgeous throughout the office.

If you have a reception area in your commercial property we always recommend making a statement in this part of the building, this is often the first impression a new customer, client, visitor or new employee will get of your business. It is imperative you give them a good one, so, we suggest taking a look at Receptek, they not only design and manufacture reception desks, but they will also kit you our with unique and specialist furniture to pop into your front entrance.

Depending on what type of office look you wish to go for, you want it to be consistent throughout the building. Calibre Office Furniture is a fantastic company who offer a wide range of desks, boardroom furniture, office chairs and height adjustable desks.

Commercial Refurbishment

A commercial refurbishment is often a big project which requires a lot of planning, one thing we always highlight to customers is while you may have a budget always have a little aside. You might find something has cost more than you expected, or you change your mind mid refurbishment which can often cost a little more than expected.

Have a checklist in place, and anyone that is helping implement the refurbishment is aware of each stage and what needs to be done. By researching companies, you will be able to get the perfect refurbishment.

Refurbishments are a great way of improving brand image as well as productivity within the workplace. If you are considering an office or commercial renovation get in touch with a member of the team for your free consultation.

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