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Benefits and uses of glass in architecture

Glass is one of the most versatile building materials. It has been used in building designs for over thousands of years and is now an integral part of most buildings we come across today. Here we discuss the benefits and uses of glass in architecture.

Benefits and uses of glass

Glass is possibly one of the most sophisticated materials when it comes to buildings. It has a range of uses, and you can use it in a number of ways to make a building look more dynamic and creative. If you haven’t noticed already which it would be hard to miss, most modern buildings utilise glass to make them more vibrant airy, and it even has energy saving benefits.

What are the benefits of glass?


As a building material, it is extremely lightweight, which means it does not put to much pressure on the building structure. It also helps to remove any of the dead load which is put on a building.

curved glass building

Weather resistant

It is also extremely weather resistant so that it can withstand the harsh impacts of British weather. It is also great at retaining its appearance, which means you do not have to worry about the exterior of your building looking tired and dirty. Glass, unlike other building materials, does not rust which means it does not degrade from any chemical imbalances or other environmental impacts.

Natural light

Glass allows a vast 80% of available natural light into your building; it can also enter from any direction and is not tainted, as in goes a funny colour. By letting large amounts of light into your building, it also helps with your energy consumption as lights do not need to be left on during high light hours thus reducing your electricity bills.

Energy benefits

Not only does glass help you to reduce your electricity bills but it is also 100% recyclable, so if you are looking to make your building more eco-friendly then glass is going to be the material for you.

highrise glass building


As a material that does not require a lot of attention, you can leave glass for years before you need to do anything about it. It is one of the best materials for not discolouring, and the only dirt you may find on it is specs of dust build up. So to keep your building gleaming we recommend booking in commercial window cleaners.

Value of glass in architecture

There are so many reasons why glass is now seen as one of the best materials to use when it comes to creating a business. It is becoming more and more valued by architectures and business owners as it can really increase the value of a building. Many great architects across the world have used glass in a range of ways to make their building unique and iconic.

Buildings around the world that use glass

Louvre, Paris

Louvre is one of the worlds favourite art galleries, it is one of the most visited and has one of the most astonishing designs. Utilising glass, there are two large pyramids which have been situated right in front of the museum. Unlike the surroundings, the glass pyramids look sharp and extrmely modern. Both pyramids are made up of 70 triangular segments, and the taller structure reaches a height of around 21.6 metres.

Photo credit to tripsavvy.

The National Centre for Performing Arts, China

The National Centre for Performing Arts is often known as ‘The Giant Egg’ due to its perfection in it symmetrical architecture. Using a titanium shell, the building was then filled with a vast amount of glass to give it a dome-like feature. The building is surrounded by a lake which reflects perfectly on the glass, giving it a full round shape.

national arts building
Photo Credit by A AS Architecture.

King’s Cross station, London

As a building, most people walk straight through on a daily basis and don’t take much notice of the architecture it is one of the worlds most gorgeous train station, which uses glass to bring it to life. King’s Cross Station is one of the main entry points into the capital of the UK and caters to a significant amount of footfall, but still manages to keep its sophistication.

To make the train station more energy efficient not only was the dual roof restored which means there is a large runway of glass down the middle of the station which provides a large amount of the light into the building. They also added solar panels onto the exterior of the station to reduce its impact on the environment.

kings crfoss stations

The Ledge viewing boxes at the Willis Tower, Chicago

If you have not already been we highly recommend if you get the chance to visit the viewing boxes at the Willis Tower, they are small glass boxes which have been attached to the side of the building. The boxes give people the experience to feel as though they are floating in thin air, offering a unique viewing platform of the city of Chicago. A great feature of these glass boxes is that they do not disrupt the building if there is ever any maintenance that needs to be carried out then they can be retracted back into the building.

willis tower
Photo Credit by Chicago Tribune.

Glass on commercial buildings

As we have mentioned glass is a great feature of any building, which is clearly evident from some of the most iconic buildings in the world. It can bring you a great deal of benefits to your building from energy saving, to great aesthetical features.

When it comes to putting in glass, you tend to have what is known as curtain walling, while glass does not need maintaining your curtain walling will. We highly recommend that you have your curtain walling maintained with curtain wall spraying, if left untreated it can make your commercial property look tired.

Glass can be used in a range of different designs and has no limits to how much of it can be used and where you can use it. Don’t be afraid to put glass into your commercial property. If you do, make sure you share it with the team here at CJ Paint Spraying.

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