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Creating special interior effect for restaurants and retail establishments

The aesthetic of a store or restaurant can often have a significant impact on whether customers come to your location. So, it’s imperative to think about the interior design of your restaurant or retail establishment. One of the best ways to make your store or food location look that bit more luxurious is to look at special interior effects. Depending on what style you go for, special interior effects can be the main reason a consumer visits. Read on to find out how and why you should use them in interior design.

What special interior effects could we go for?

Designing your restaurant or shop can be a tricky task at the best of times. However, you do need to consider a couple of design features to ensure you are experiencing enough customer footfall. When it comes to designing your restaurant or store is to think about what you want out of it and the type of food you are serving. If you are a more upmarket store, you will want to think about the type of people that will be entering your establishment. So, the type of design you go for will also want to be more sophisticated and classy.

Another aspect of the design process is the operation of your establishment. You want to make the most out of your restaurant or store; this might mean the way you set out your seating plan or clothes rails to ensure you can have as many people in your establishment at one time. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to design:

  • What route does the food take from the chef to the customer?
  • What route does the customer take through your store to get to the till?
  • Where do customers enter your establishment?
  • Do you want an isolated area in your establishment?

We highly recommend reading: How to design a welcoming restaurant, they offer fantastic advice on where to start out and what you should know.

What are the effects of lighting?

One of the key aspects of restaurant and shop design is lighting; it has a huge impact on the ambience and mood of your customers. It is also a great way of setting the tone for your establishment.

To get the most out of your business, you will want to incorporate soft and flattering lighting. It helps to make your guest feel a lot more comfortable; they become much more relaxed which means they are more likely to enjoy their stay.

When it comes to lighting, it can often be a staple piece in your establishment. Going for something more unique and quirky can often be the best fit, which is why we recommend looking at CultFurniture when it comes to lighting.

Why be specific when choosing colour?

Colour plays a huge part in how customers feel and behave in certain spaces. If chosen perfectly and paired with the right lighting, you can ensure the best ambience is established. It is important that you do not construct a theme when it comes to your design, as the overall atmosphere and general aesthetic can get lost in the theme.

When it comes to colour, you might want to think about whether you want to go for more traditional colours or something that is more unique. While colour helps with aesthetics, it also has a psychological effect on consumers. Certain colours will mean your consumers are more likely to enjoy their experience as well as their food or products. To find out more about colours and the psychology of them, why not take a read of our article on Choosing signage and logo colours.

Statements are a great way of making your establishment look more luxurious and desirable to customers. A great way of making a statement in your restaurant, for example, would be to use metal effect coatings on your fireplace or walls. The great thing about this type of coating is it can make a wood item look like a designer metal piece of work.

High-end restaurant and stores

If you have a high-end establishment, there are a couple of colour that are more likely to work in your favour. Blacks, metallics and whites are normally seen as being more sophisticated and upmarket in comparison to reds and greens. The use of darker tones can often help in creating a perfect atmosphere.

When it comes to designing the space, you might also want to think about introducing natural elements into the mix. Some of the most established restaurants use plants to create sections and textile in the restaurant. You will also want to make the experience more intimate for your customers as more likely then not they are going to spending a fair few pounds eating in your restaurant.

Speedy dining

If your store is more of an in and out experience, you might want to use colours to encourage people to become hungry. Red and yellows are well known for inducing hunger in people, while these colour sometimes are not aesthetically pleasing, used in the right way your business could see a considerable amount of footfall.

Why create an innovative design?

Eating out is no longer just about eating nice food, it is often more of a high-drama opportunity for consumers to immerse themselves in an experience and conversation. Establishments are now using art, technology and nature in their restaurants and stores to provide consumers with an all over experience.

When people go to part with their money, they want it to be for a good reason. One of the best ways of doing this is to not only to provide consumers with a product or services but is also to give them an experience. Consumers are often now looking for much more than just going out for a meal. One of the biggest things noticed in this industry is how people are now reporting their experience, for example, some of the most visited restaurants or stores are those that are instagramable.

A well-designed establishment can often market itself as well; this is because of this social media bang where people love to share their experiences. It usually means that word of mouth and social media are some of your biggest platforms to promote your establishment.

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