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Importance of hygienic finishes on walls

The importance of hygienic finishes on walls is second to none. It’s important that as a business you have the right hygiene safety in place, and this doesn’t just include hygiene certificates for employees. You would be surprised how many germs and bacteria stick to the walls of your business whether it is a food restaurant or hospital.

Minimize the risk of cross-contamination with hygienic finishes on walls

Bacteria are tiny living organisms, so small the eye can’t see them. Not all bacteria are bad however the bacterium that does become dangerous can easily be transferred from yourself to the walls and back to someone else or food. Bacteria accumulate and survive by getting nutrients from their surrounding environments. Bad bacteria can cause someone to have a common illness such as a sore throat or even food poisoning.

Fungi can also grow drastically in on walls if not cleaned regularly or kept to strict hygiene standards. Fungi thrive in damp and warm areas such as kitchens. While they don’t cause any illness, it can cause skin and fungal infections for people if they are to touch it.

Maintaining a clean and safe environment can be hard with multiple people in one space, whether it be cooking or nursing someone. Hospital or Catering hygiene Panel Spraying restaurant panel spraying will help eliminate any health risks and prevent the spreading of bad bacteria. You may want to consider it for your business as it will improve the cleanliness of the workplace.

Why have hygiene-coated walls

Hygiene coated walls are proven to prevent health risks and improve cleanliness within the workplace. They also comply with a variety of regulations across a number of industries.

You need someone who is professional in interior hygiene panel spraying, as the food industry has a lot of health and safety regulations your restaurant will need to adhere to. A benefit with sprayed walls is they become tough and highly durable allowing the to be cleaned with no damage.

Spraying is much better than conventional wall fittings such as tiles or paintwork as they are more likely to chip or crack allowing dirt to contaminate it, dirty water can also penetrate the tile causing hybacteria growth and hygiene issues as well as staining. Where tiles might look aesthetically pleasing, they are prone to damage, whereas spraying is hard-wearing and can withstand a fast-paced business.

First application

The benefit of having hygiene wall spraying is it’s seamless. Its water based so sprays evenly and dries quickly. The walls don’t need a lot of maintenance; some companies also offer a warranty, CJ Paint Spraying offer a 10-year warranty on all hygiene wall sprays.

Spray coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces including plaster, ceramic tile, brick, block work or concrete. The paint is incredibly adhesive even on damp surfaces; it also has chemical resistant features and is non-toxic.


Hygiene is one of the most important factors in any commercial business serving food or offering a service where bacteria or fungi can spread on surfaces or walls. While you may believe you deep clean by washing down all floors and surfaces regularly, it can be easy to forget about the walls.

Spraying walls offers a clean, hygienic alternative that meets food and safety regulations. Wall spray is formulated in a specific way with water resistant features so anything that gets into the walls whether it be food or bodily fluids can be wiped away with ease.

Due to the product being smooth, stain resistant and with no pores or cracks in the surface you’ll find cleaning time is much quicker. If needs be it can also be scrubbed well with no paintwork coming away like normal paint.


Hygiene wall spraying lasts longer than normal paint; requiring minimal retouches. The colour doesn’t fade quickly with wiping and keeps its finish. It also won’t cause your business to much hassle to maintain as it can be done in a day.


Good clinical and hospital hygiene is vital to any unit, there are many regulations cleaners have to meet. Spraying helps meet regulations and legislation set by industry bodies due to it being cleaned efficiently.

For more information on regulations for certain industries please see below:


Spray coated walls still look like a normal painted wall and keep its professional finish. You’re able to choose from any style or colour to fit your businesses brand. As well as spraying the walls, based on your business you may want to consider spraying the flooring and ceilings to keep your room or building as hygienic and cleanly as possible.

Businesses that use spray coating

A number of different industries use hygienic spray coating:

      • Restaurants
      • Take away’s
      • Doctors
      • Dentist
      • Super Markets
      • Hardware stores
      • Breweries
      • Hospitals
      • Veterinary practices

Price & Budget

Spraying is a more cost-effective alternative to applying normal paint or tiling. It has less maintenance and up keep, as it doesn’t have to be re-sprayed regularly and doesn’t fade over time, unlike normal paint. You will also find by spraying you don’t get any of the damage or ageing that comes with more conventional fittings. There are many different spraying businesses that will be able to fit your business requirements.

There are tight regulations and legislation many businesses now need to meet, to ensure best health and safety. Spraying has been increasing and is seen as the ideal choice for a commercial setting where hygiene is an important consideration. Spraying offers a sterile solution whilst meeting hygiene and cleaning requirements. If you’re considering spraying for your establishment, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the benefits.

Hygiene wall coatings must provide dense, smooth and easily cleaned surfaces with proven long-term protection against the growth of mould, bacteria and other harmful virus’ or germs. Wall spraying is very susceptible to quick temperature change and will not crack, flake or loose colour.

The wall spray can be applied quickly to prevent business from being interrupted and ensures not dust and bacteria can contaminate the walls whilst drying. Spraying meets safety and hygiene regulations and legislation putting your mind at ease. Cleaning is quick and easy, preventing the spreading of bacteria and virus’.

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