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Best Interior Cladding Ideas

There are a number of interior cladding designs you can choose from nowadays. Cladding is now widely used not only for the exterior of your property but also on the interior to give your premises a unique and clean feel. Here we run through a couple of interior cladding ideas for your office or commercial property.

What are the best interior cladding designs?

When you first move into a new office or commercial unit, you will often notice that a vast number of walls are normally white plasterboard. While it does look aesthetically pleasing and clean, there are a number of ways you can now design your walls with the use of cladding.


Cladding comes in so many forms and is not only metal which many people tend to think it is. Many different materials are now being used as cladding from metal, wood, stone, brick and even glass. The choice of cladding is one you will make dependant on the kind of business you are for example if you are more of an industrial business you may go for something which is much more manageable such as metal cladding.

If you are looking to bring more warmth into your office space, then you may want to consider looking at installing wooden cladding panels. With timber panels, you not only bring a more modern feel to your office space, but it also helps give it a more minimalistic vibe.


Cladding is a great way to make your commercial unit or office look quirky, but it is also fantastic for sectioning off parts of the business. If you are looking to cut sections of the office off or even make more rooms within your open space.


By introducing internal cladding into your office or commercial unit, you can often make it unique. Which means that you can add a variety of textures, colours and styles to your space. By bringing in textures, you can give a completely different feel to the interiors, in most cases it provides the room with a more sophisticated and luxurious feel.


When you are applying cladding to the interior, you are often adding an extra layer to walls that already exist. By doing so, you are adding to the insulation of your property which will have a dramatic effect on the amount of energy you will need to use to either heat or cool the office or building. It will also help in the overall running of your premises, as you will soon notice after installation your business gas bill reduces significantly..

Benefits of wall cladding

Interior wall cladding has many benefits besides making your interiors more aesthetically pleasing. It is often less of a hassle to look after and is relatively low maintenance so does not require constant attention.

If you are looking to minimise the amount of sound through your current space, then internal cladding is an excellent way of doing so. You can also look at installing it onto walls that already exist to give your commercial unit that extra sound proofing. This is especially useful if you have meeting rooms or rooms where you may be recording things.

Most forms of cladding are relatively durable and can also require little maintenance. All you may need to do is every couple of decades is book in for on site spraying as the coating can make the cladding panels stronger and also increase their overall lifespan.

Cladding panels can seem a little expensive at first, the installation can often cost a small fortune. However, you will only reap the rewards in the long run, as they do not need replacing if maintenance is kept on a regular schedule.

It can be easy to clean, which why it is used in so many industries. You can also have special coatings applied such as food safe spraying, which means that bacteria is less likely to grow and it can be wiped away easily. Here is a list of business that may benefit from food safe coatings and internal cladding:

Cladding design

Cladding can be made into a range of designs from plane panels to mouldings and extravagant colours. First, we are going to look at the use of wooden cladding panels. While they provide a warming effect to your space, they can also be coated in a range of colours to provide a cleaner and office finish. It provides you with a more modern and contemporary feel while adding character and softness. This is a great option if you want something a little different but do not want anything too loud.

Exposed brick is now becoming more popular than ever. People are now going to great lengths to get that exposed brick feel. If your space is large and offers tall ceilings, we think this is a great option for you. It helps bring out the quirky side of the business while still looking smart.

Metal cladding sheets are a great way of making your space look neat and tidy with minimal fuss. It brings a sophisticated feel to your space and can often look more appropriate for your office. One of the great things about the metal cladding is you can have it in a range of finishes such as glass or matt. The colour possibilities are also endless, so if you are looking to install something that is in line with your branding or current colours most contractors offer an in-house colour matching service.

Why have interior cladding

There are a number of benefits to internal cladding; you may feel as though it is a small investment when first installed, but you will only reap the rewards in the future.

While they are a great way of bringing something different into your interior design it also means your office or commercial building can become more eco-friendly. With greater insulation you will find energy bills cost less as you do not need to heat the building as much.

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