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Breathtaking Buildings Which Use Amazing Architecture

There are many gorgeous buildings around the world which have amazing architecture. Breathtaking architecture, a great location, and the use of materials in a unique way are often the reasons buildings become famous. These building can often stand the test of time and will make their way into history books or become the central site seeing point of individual countries.

Amazing architecture around the world

The world has some of the most magnificent architecture that is often the centre of the city or town. We have gone through architecture around the world which we believe to be the most impressive.


Many architects from around the world flock to Barcelona to take in the buildings and unique designs. The reason Barcelona is so distinctive is that all of the architecture is bold, colourful, harmonious, and very distinctive to this city. Another great aspect of the Spanish city is that it is a mixture of old and new, along with all of the old Gaudi design buildings the architects have introduced new more modern designs which gives this city its unique feel. We highly recommend if you are ever looking to take a trip to this gorgeous city why not take a City Sightseeing bus around the city where your tour guide will go through some of the amazing building designs with you.


One of the most unique designs within Bankok the capital of Thailand is the Bank of Asia. It is known for its individual and more robotic design. Designed by renowned architect Sumet Jumsai, he was asked to design a building which portrayed the era within which it was designed. Taking into account the modernisation within the banking industry as well as computerisation. As you can see from the images the building is covered in a vast amount of cladding to give it that refined look. Regular on site spraying allows the building to keep its gorgeous finish and stand out tall from all the surrounding buildings.


The next bit of architecture we are going to run through is the Nationale-Nederlanden building which is situated in the centre of Prague. Also nicknamed The Dancing House, it is known for its unusual design which is curved inwards. The building is made up of around 99 concrete panels, each of which has a completely different shape and dimension. The building has become so popular within the country that is now even featured on their money.


New Dheli holds some of the most gorgeous building designs, especially with the Lotus Temple. The temple has won a variety of awards for its unique design and building concept. The temple has been build to bring religion and beauty together hand in hand.

The temple is made up of 27 marble petals, which are all clustered together to form the structure of the building. It is also surrounded by over nine ponds and offers a staggering 26 acres of land. Holding a significant 2,400 people within the temple, it actually has no alter, statues or pictures.


The capital city of England has some of the most astonishing building designs with St Pauls Cathedral sitting at the top of Ludgate Hill, which surprisingly the highest point in London. Well known for the dome at the top of the building it is one of the largest in the UK measuring at around 112 meters. Wren the architect that designed this church had been working on it for over nine years along with the actual construction taking far longer, in total 35 years.

Another integral part of Londons skyline is the skyscraper well known to many as the Gherkin. Due to its unusual shape and glass design, it sits right in the centre of London. The building was built in 2004 and holds 41 floors and is one of the cities most well-known buildings for the use of modern design. The curtain walling systems on this building required a lot of work as you will notice it is not all straight lines and simplicity.

Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas Towers based in Kuala Lumpur are standing at 451.9 metres tall, which back in 1998-2004 held the title of being the worlds tallest building. The two towers were designed by Argentine architect César Pelli, who decided to create a post-modern style for the buildings.

A lot of planning had to go into these buildings as rigorous tests and simulations had to be undertaken before the building could be constructed. After all wind and structural tests had been confirmed and completed it then took the buildings seven years to be built. The building holds a significant 88 floors which if you’re afraid of heights may be a little tricky. But the gorgeous design lights up the city during the darker evenings.

New York

If you go to New York and do not visit the Empire State building have you been to New York? As one of the most significant buildings within the skyline, it is crucial to any trip. As one of the worlds most famous buildings, the Empire State building offers a grand art deco design. With 102 stories it is a grand 1,250 feet in height.

The Empire State building is well known around the world but is also integral to American Culture and is seen as somewhat iconic. So well known, this building has been featured in a number of films such as King Kong and is often the central hub for many television shows.


Another iconic building, the Sydney Opera House is widely regarded as one of the most distinct and greatest architectural work. The building design of the Sydney Opera House is designed and comprises of three different groups of interlocking buildings. Inside the building, it offers two grand performance halls along with a restaurant.

Buildings around the world

We have mentioned some of the most unique buildings around the world and have established some of the grand and unique building designs. We hope that if you ever take a trip to any of the locations mentioned, you enjoy the gorgeous architecture which surrounds each city. If you do see any of these iconic buildings feel free to share them with us over on our social media platforms.

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